The Healthy Mama Hive


The only evidence-based hub of health and wellness resources and support you need in order to live a sustainable life free from overwhelm, nagging health issues, and that dreaded “what’s for dinner” question without having to give up all the things you love!


And no woman should ever be told their symptoms or the overwhelm they are feeling is “normal” or “just a part of getting older” or worse….  “Just a part of motherhood”. This isn’t true. And you don’t have to suffer. There IS hope for becoming a calmer, happier, healthier mama! 

A few small changes I have implemented have already reduced the chronic inflammation I had in my knee for over 8 years.

“I first came across the Hive when I started researching more about my health issues and why it seems that a doctor isn’t able to address them or even identify the cause. I was at my wits end thinking, this can’t be it. Tara’s website has a ton of free content and information – she truly cares about women’s health and that we shouldn’t have to give in to: what we’ve been told is the “norm”. Bloating, fatigue, muscle weakness, heavy cramps are NOT normal. After taking part in a few of Tara’s Facebook Lives I was convinced she had the answers. Little did I realize that the Healthy Mama Hive would be full of information but also such amazing support by Tara and other members in the group. The information provided really helps narrow down your health symptoms and Tara’s response time so far for me has been a whopping 3mins! She spends every waking hour giving back to us and I will be forever grateful. I am new to this exclusive site, but I already know I will be invested for years to come. A few small changes I have implemented have already reduced the chronic inflammation I had in my knee for over 8 years, so I’m excited to test out more of the content available. Being part of a group also gives you an outlet to share your story, unload your stress, and work your way back to a healthy lifestyle that goes well beyond what you eat. Thanks Tara!!!”

– Kaurie Casista

Let’s get serious. Life as a mama isn’t always easy. In fact, it can be downright hard at times. I know, because I’ve been there – and in fact, am still there. As a mama to two young girls I suffered with postpartum anxiety twice. And as a woman in the 21st century “trying to do it all” including running my own business whilst going to school and building a second business on the side, (in-between moving cities!) I’ve had bouts of anxiety and overwhelm and a long-term battle with adrenal “fatigue”. Yeah, it hasn’t always been easy, (#UnderstatementOfTheYear) but that’s why I get where you’re at – no matter what stage that might be – and I want to help. And that’s why I created The Healthy Mama Hive. I’m on a mission to reduce overwhelm and anxiety in women and give them the tools they need to feel their best and be the healthiest they can be so they can do everything they want to do and be everything they want to be in this life – because we only have one shot at it. It’s important to work on your health like your life depends on it because…. It does! 

My health and life have changed for the better.

“Thank you for always putting yourself out there to better women’s health. Since I met Tara 4 years ago my health and life have changed for the better. I know there’s someone I can depend on for answers and guidance when I have a health question or want to ask about something I have been struggling with. Since Tara has created The Healthy Mama Hive, we have a community of strong woman from various parts of the world we can learn from. It really is an embraceful community for functional nutrition and Tara has really done a superb job at facilitating great topics, recipes, workouts, and more. I have many favourites but amongst them I had great success with her version of the elimination diet. Her recipes are truly satisfying and her recommendations made me feel so much better. I have struggled with IBS, lactose intolerance and gluten sensitivity all my life and having a specific meal plan that caters to these was fantastic. I highly recommend Tara Thorne and The Healthy Mama Hive – you won’t be disappointed. I really can’t wait to see what is in store for the future. Thank you for being the best Functional Nutritionist and for guiding me with my health!” 

– Katheryne B

No time for yourself = fried, frazzled and burnt out #beenthere Or worse, health conditions that – I hate to say it – may mean you can’t do everything you want to do with your kids now, or possibly in the future. #TruthBomb. Yup, it’s time to take your health seriously. I want you to know you deserve to put yourself first so you can be the best partner, mama, sister, daughter, employee, CEO, entrepreneur…. or anything else you want to be in this life!


No more time-consuming or expensive trips to health clinics. Have your very own functional nutritionist available to you weekly who will answer any and all of your health questions whether it be “is this supplement a good brand?” or “what are your top tips for fibromyalgia/IBS/insomnia/etc?” I’m there for you and I won’t let you down, (or charge you every time you ask me a question).

Finally get to the bottom of your health issues, once and for all. Finally get real answers about what’s going on with your health or moods and once and for all do something about it instead of jumping around from health practitioner to health practitioner, which ultimately ends up costing you a fortune and maybe doesn’t even get you the results you seek. And if you want to dig deeper with more personalized attention and testing rest assured, I’ll stick with you until we uncover what’s really going on and get to the root cause of any health conditions or mood issues you may be suffering with. I’m dedicated to my ladies and I don’t stop until we get answers.

Being part of an exclusive community that supports and guides you on your health journey – no more going it alone! Become part of a community of like-minded mamas who are rallying around to support and encourage each other to take care of themselves: mind, body, and soul sharing tips and tricks for making healthy living as a mama a breeze.


being able to get all this advice, motivation, support, and information from the comfort of your own home.

Who has time these days to travel to and from a health clinic? Let alone the expense each time you set up an appointment. I don’t. And I doubt you do too. So I’m changing things.

I only wish that I had found Tara sooner!

“I’ve been working with Tara for about 6 months via the Hive and have also done some precision testing per her recommendations (Dutch Test and GI Map testing). I’m 38 years old, live a busy life as a full time financial professional and was starting to experience the exact same symptoms and issues my mother had when she was my age…this was a major turning point for me when I decided I needed to get to the root of my issues, not just mask them. Tara and I have spent the last few months using a combination of food choices and supplementation to address the primary gut infection (h.pylori) and help my body detox from all the estrogen. Follow up testing shows that h.pylori is gone and that my markers for gut inflammation and difficulty detoxing estrogen have come WAY down. I’m also experiencing regular, normal periods, no breast pain and no headaches!! We recently re-ran the GI map testing again and will tackle some secondary disbiosis issues that very commonly lurk under the primary issues. I am also going to start implementing Tara’s recommendations for better/more sleep and stress management to allow my body to shed the excess weight. The support in the Hive is awesome, and it’s a great place to get real, point-in-time answers from Tara instead of just crossing my fingers and googling important health questions. I am so pleased with Tara’s thorough and precise process and her kind and thoughtful approach. I know I’m on the right track and implementing foods, supplements and lifestyle choices that specifically are geared for me and my issues. I only wish that I had found Tara sooner!

– Rebecca Chakarian

As a mama myself I would have loved a sacred space like this to go when I was in the throws of postpartum depression. Or when my adrenals started to burn out and the naturopaths I was seeing were costing me $130 per visit. And I would have loved a collection of recipes – tried and tested, nutritionist-approved that were crazy simple to make but also delicious, too.


“I don’t have time to put myself first – everyone else is more important than me right now”

“I know I’m overwhelmed and stressed-out but I don’t have time for self-care, or even know where to start for that matter!” 

“No one in my family enjoys healthy food. My husband wants his junk food readily available and thinks healthy eating is a waste of money”

“I know how to eat healthfully, I know how to exercise effectively, and yet I can’t seem to turn the switch back on” 

“Supplements are so expensive: I wish I just had a professional to tell me which ones I should take so I stop wasting my money”

“I’m not always the friendliest to be around – I wish I could change that but don’t know where to start”

“I don’t have the willpower or the motivation to live healthfully”

“I want  to jump on the healthy living wagon but I need some insight – I need someone to help me”

“I feel like I’m doing everything right but I’m not seeing the results I want to see – perhaps I need someone to steer me in the right direction – there’s so much confusing information out there”


With Tara as my coach and biggest cheerleader, I found navigating the muddy waters that much easier!

My health issues were getting the better of me so I started working with Tara as a one on one client and also as a member of the Hive. In that time I have made significant improvements in not only my health but my understanding of my body and how life and food affect it. Making health a top priority seemed like an overwhelming task that would require considerable willpower. Going it alone was something I had already been doing, but it was harder than it needed to be, took significantly longer to reach my goals, and was a lonely journey. With Tara as my coach and biggest cheerleader, I found navigating the muddy waters that much easier. Tara devise a treatment plan that was way more thorough than I would have ever designed for myself. If I faltered or had questions she was always there to answer them and the Hive certainly helps. If you are dedicated to making positive steps towards reclaiming your best self, I would highly recommend Tara’s services and the Hive.

Tammy Arnold


I too tried to “DIY” my health at one point but the truth is, when you’re not a health practitioner, DIY-ing your health is unhelpful at best and harmful at worst. Not to mention overwhelming. There’s so much information out there – who should you believe when it comes to health and wellness advice? Well – me. Why? Because I’ve done the research so you don’t have to. No more wasting your time and money on health strategies that aren’t right for you. I’ve got your back, (complete with years of training and clinical experience in women’s health).



We all know – at least to some extent – what the right thing to do is when it comes to looking after our health. But when you have kids it compresses things. Kids throw an entirely new dimension into the mix, which can make looking after you a lot tougher. But it shouldn’t be that way because these are the years in which it’s never been more important to look after YOU. And I’m going to help you do just that.

The Hive is a great place to start putting your health first!

My health issues were getting the better of me so I started working with Tara as a one on one client and also as a member of the Hive. In that time I have made significant improvements in not only my health but my understanding of my body and how life and food affect it. Making health a top priority seemed like an overwhelming task that would require considerable willpower. Going it alone was something I had already been doing, but it was harder than it needed to be, took significantly longer to reach my goals, and was a lonely journey. With Tara as my coach and biggest cheerleader, I found navigating the muddy waters that much easier. Tara devise a treatment plan that was way more thorough than I would have ever designed for myself. If I faltered or had questions she was always there to answer them and the Hive certainly helps. If you are dedicated to making positive steps towards reclaiming your best self, I would highly recommend Tara’s services and the Hive.

– Charmaine

The Healthy Mama Hive is the only evidence-based hub of health and wellness resources and support you need in order to live a sustainable life free from overwhelm, nagging health issues, and that dreaded “what’s for dinner” question without having to give up all the things you love!

There are steps you can start to take – today – to live a healthier, happier life. And I am going to guide you, along with other health and wellness experts. I’ve done the research so you don’t have to, (and Lord knows you ain’t got time for that!). I’ll reduce your overwhelm and confusion when it comes to the “how to” of healthy, happy living. 


And because this is a membership you’ll get the support of other like-minded mamas in a private Facebook group. These mamas are in the same boat as you. You’ll be motivated, encouraged, and supported in your journey – no matter what stage you’re at. Plus, I’ll be hosting challenges to ensure you stay motivated and hit your targets – whatever they might be.


In this membership I will guide and support you on your health journey whilst other experts share their knowledge around things such as living a joyful life, natural birth control, ovulation and healthy periods, hormone conditions such as estrogen dominance, the best hormone test out there, how to free yourself from past traumas, exercise tips for busy mamas, all about probiotics and which are the best ones, how to live a low-toxin life, and so much more.

This online health membership aims to empower you so you can take back control of your body, your life, your health, and your moods, and inject you with a boost of confidence that may have fallen by the wayside.

And I’m going to be there, holding your hand, every step of the way. I dedicate serious time to my ladies so everyone gets the attention they deserve.


Certified Functional Nutrition Coach, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner in training, and someone who also has training in Functional Medicine, (specifically in hormones), I will personally help you get to the bottom of your symptoms and health woes so you can live your life to the fullest once more.


The woman who’s feeling overwhelmed, fried, frazzled, burnt out, and doesn’t know what to do or who to turn to for advice in order to get back to herself again.

The woman who is proactive and wants to take charge of her health not surrender to whatever “might happen” or surrender to her doctor’s conventional, allopathic style of “disease care”

The woman who wants to fit into every item in her wardrobe, or perhaps finally invest in a completely new wardrobe. Out with the mummy-drobe and in with some new duds please!

The woman whose relationships are struggling due to her mood swings, irritability, anxiety, depression, or loss of libido. I’ll get you back on track with a healthy diet, supplements to match, and maybe even a test or two. We’ll work together to get you feeling fabulous again and seeing some action between the sheets once more.

The woman who wants to fix her period so she’s no longer anxious over irregularity, heavy flow, cramps, headaches, infertility, breast pain, or other nasty symptoms that negatively impact her life.

The woman who has no time to waste investigating what’s important for her health and what’s not. Your schedule is already filled to the max. Just tell me what to eat, what supplements to take, give me the recipes, exercise tips and more so it’s all in one place – your  “go to” for all things health and wellness. That’s what The Healthy Mama Hive is all about.

The woman who is simply fed up with not knowing what to cook for dinner and needs some fresh ideas that are not just delicious, but healthy too.


A Functional Nutritionist (me!) who has training in Functional Medicine, specifically in hormones, who’ll guide you on your own personal health and wellness journey every month, all month — no extra fees for asking your questions on the regular.

A healthy living food guide — to take the guesswork out of what you and your family should be consuming on a daily basis for optimal health (plus tailored guides incase you need to do a specific diet for your current health condition such as AIP, low oxalate, or low histamine).

A healthy living grocery list — to help you sail through the grocery store stress-free and… quickly. (Because again, #time): I’ve laid out everything according to the different departments so you never have to visit a section of the store twice ever again! Just circle or highlight your needs and…. shop! Simple as that.

Special perks for joining — including a whopping 15% off Tara’s 1:1 personalised packages.

Exercise videos you can do at home, created specially for the Healthy Mamas in the Hive — Kathleen Trotter, personal trainer and fitness expert, has created 7 “how to” fitness videos for the mamas inside the Hive that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Coaching calls with me — this is your chance to ask all your health questions and get personalized health advice from me.

A private Facebook group where all the hive action takes place — here you can tag me and ask all your questions, listen to replays of the Q&A calls (or join live), and get like-minded mama support and encouragement – we’re all in this together.

Over 90 (and counting!!) healthy and delicious nutritionist-approved and created recipes, plus new recipes added regularly to the hive — No longer waste your precious time on Google trying to find delicious and healthy meals for you and your family.

A 7 day meal plan — so you can get inspiration and see how your meals should be planned out in order to make your diet as nutritious as possible.

Tara’s complete blood work cheat sheet — with over 60 blood markers she suggests you keep track of and the optimal (functional – not allopathic) ranges to hit take charge of your health and be proactive (where your doctor may not be).

Basic Supplement Protocol so you can see which supplements you should consider taking to optimize your health, plus access to Tara’s online supplement dispensaries so you no longer have to wonder which brands are the best.

My depression decreased.

“I started seeing Tara when I was in a pretty deep depression. The effects of changing my diet were immediate and astounding. I dealt with a particularly stressful time at work with grace that amazed me. My energy increased. My depression and anxiety decreased. My tolerance for stress grew, as she gave me tools to deal with it. Tara is a rare mix of just enough kindness and just enough toughness. She really understood when I faltered but she had high expectations that motivated me to follow the plan! I can tell you that the knowledge and tools she gave me will be mine for life. I am committed to maintaining the majority of the lifestyle changes she has taught me.”

– Jen Leis


Expert interviews added regularly with naturopaths, doctors, fertility experts, joyful living experts, and more — imagine getting access to multiple brilliant minds in the health space  – for no extra cost!

A yoga video created specifically for time-poor mamas — I understand time is of the essence when you’re a mama but exercise is very important for both your mental and physical health. This yoga video is designed especially for mums – and you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

A guided breathing video by breathing expert Michelle Robinson — life as a mama can be stressful and you need all the simple, quick, and effective tips you can get to turn you into calm mama, (as opposed to “scary” mama #BeenThere).

Basic Supplement Protocol — A protocol guide that lists out some of the most important supplements you should consider taking when you start in the Hive (you don’t have to take them but they are a great jumping off point).

Challenges to keep you on your toes with your healthy living 

Questionnaires — Tara has created some questionnaires that she encourages you to take once you’re inside the Hive so she can best help guide you on your health journey.

The Six Week Slim Down program – absolutely FREE! — This is a 6 week weight loss program designed to help you shed those stubborn pounds, for good!

New content will constantly be added to the hive — you won’t want to leave this valuable community – don’t say I didn’t warn you!

BONUS HEALTH CONTENT — Tara’s How To Do AIP Guide, her 7 Day Detox Support Plan, her Histamine Intolerance Guide, her Best Supplement Forms Guide and more.

Tara changed my life.

“Tara has genuinely CHANGED my life… monumentally. She got me feeling the happiest and healthiest I ever have. She’s discovered issues that nutritionists in the past were incapable of finding. She genuinely saved my life, as far as I’m concerned. The plan she created for me completely balanced my blood sugar, my mood, and my hormones. My skin cleared, I lost weight, I felt more energy than I’ve ever felt in my life. I stopped having cravings, I stopped getting sick, and I stopped having the feeling of overwhelm every single day at 4pm. I stopped snapping at my husband and my daughter and I started sleeping better. I think the most pivotal thing that I can’t actually confirm is related, is that it was much easier for me to get pregnant the second time around after seeing her. I do believe this had to do with the changes I have made.”

– Emily Weinmann


When you join the Hive, you’re frustrated, overwhelmed and feeling downright unhealthy. 

But after a while, you’ll find yourself playing with the kids more and able to stick to a regular exercise routine again!

Then, Boom! Healthy dinners appear on the table every.single.night. (And you’re actually enjoying cooking). 

And soon you’re no longer an emotional mess – plus the bloat has reduced and your skin is glowing!

I can’t wait for you to feel excited and hopeful when you look in the mirror and see a healthier, happier mama staring back at you.

I truly could not have done it without her help! 

“Tara was an essential resource for me on my postpartum weight loss journey. I truly could not have done it without her help! She took the time to get to know me and my history, and by doing so she was able to create a personalized plan that really worked. She was always available by email to answer my questions, in addition to our weekly check-ins via FaceTime to monitor my progress. From working with her, I have learned that Tara has a way of being encouraging but not judgmental, and though she has a wealth of nutritional knowledge, she does not make you feel uneducated by comparison. She is relatable, accessible and inspirational. I would highly recommend her services!”

– Rebecca Ross


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Get my professional advice!

Once you’ve joined the private Healthy Mama Hive Facebook group please introduce yourself and tag me with your health questions so I can best direct you about which supplements to consider, which tests you may want to take, which questionnaires in the Hive you should do, (so we can get more information about your health) and which diet plan you may do best following.

The total value of this program is literally thousands of dollars. It’s kinda hard to put a price-tag on this much goodness however, I have to and so I’m offering up a ridiculous deal for you. You can give it a test drive now for a limited time offer of

$7 CAD for one month!




After your first month, all of this is yours for only $37 CAD per month as long as you stay in the Healthy Mama Hive – it will never change for you, even if the price increases. You can cancel your membership at any time.

Purchase doors for the membership close on October 7th at midnight.

I feel so much lighter. 

“I interviewed a couple of nutritionists before deciding Tara was the best fit based on my hormonal problems. Tara helped me cut out sugar and made herself available for any questions or difficulties I had during the process. After the initial cravings passed she helped me refocus my energy on finding energy from more nutritional food sources that I had been neglecting. Then, I started to notice significant differences. I had been coming home from work and immediately vegging out from exhaustion, whereas now I had energy to do more things and exercise more. I felt much less bloated and much lighter. I was getting comments that I had lost weight and my hair looked healthier. I had a pair of pants that I only wore to events where I would not be sitting because they were so tight! Now my “party pants” have become my “everyday pants” and I can wear them to work without painful welts around my waist and my belly spilling over. I am super happy with the results I saw and will be keeping on this path!”

– Lily Minkova


Mama, you're worth it.

It’s time to put yourself first.

Do I HAVE to be a mama to join The Healthy Mama Hive?

No! Of course not. But you do have to be a woman, (sorry fellas this is a girls-only membership). 

How deep with my health are you going to go?

Truth is, for $38 / month I can only go so deep with your health. I can’t offer in-depth protocols designed specifically for you because I simply do not have the information I need in order to do that helpfully and without potentially harming you. When I work with clients one-on-one I get blood work from them and they do at least one test. They also do an extensive intake form. From this I can develop a therapeutic protocol specifically designed for that person’s biochemical individuality. Having said this, if you work with me one-on-one and ask me a question in the group about your health I am happy to look over your previous files to a point and give feedback accordingly. For $38 / month you are getting an amazing amount of value in recipes, expert interviews, my time in the Facebook group and on Q&A calls, challenges, my weight loss program, my detox support plan and SO much more, but if you want more in-depth answers to your health issues and you want to dig deeper you have access to me via my one-on-one consulting for 15% off my regular prices. 

How does payment for The Healthy Mama Hive work?

This is a membership site, meaning you sign up and pay either a monthly fee or an annual fee, (your choice upon signing up). You will keep getting charged that monthly or annual fee unless you decide to cancel your membership, (which I highly doubt you will!). You can however, cancel at any time. Please note: if you choose the annual option you will not get reimbursed if you cancel your membership before the year is up. 

What if I can’t make the live coaching calls?

Don’t fear! I record each live call and give you access to the replays so you don’t miss a thing. I also give you a Google Doc to which you can add any of your questions ahead of time, if you know you won’t be able to attend live, (and don’t forget, you can post to the private group at any time if you have any questions).

When are the live coaching calls held?

These usually happen on a Wednesday at about noon EST (soon to be AEST), but they’re subject to change. But a schedule is posted inside the Hive so you don’t miss out on anything! 

I’m busy – how am I going to be able to fit all this in?

The Healthy Mama Hive is about being able to have a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. It’s not a quick fix or crazy diet. In the Hive I teach women how to do their best, even in a time when we are overwhelmed and trying to “do it all”. The Hive is all about support and strategies to make your life – and healthy living – easier. So please let me ease your mind about how you’ll fit healthy living into your life. And really, can you afford not to make time for healthy living? There is nothing more important than your health because you need your health every. single. day. of your life. This is the right place for you if you’re struggling to find the time or energy for healthy living. I’m here to make that easier for you and to tell you everything you need to know and nothing you don’t.

Do you offer vegan or vegetarian meal plans on this program?

I don’t offer up specific vegan or vegetarian meal plans in The Healthy Mama Hive however, I do offer up an “acceptable vegetarian protein sources” guide, and a lot of my recipes are vegetarian. The truth is, I don’t believe that most people do well on a vegetarian or vegan diet. This is certainly not to say that you can’t join the Hive if you are vegan or vegetarian – everyone is welcome.

Will I get materials mailed to my home address?

No. This is a 100% online program. All the materials for the program will be available to download from inside the Hive once you sign up.

Do you offer any refunds?

I don’t offer any refunds because once you have signed up to the Hive you get full access to all the materials. Please remember however, you can cancel your membership at any time you wish.

I feel like myself again.

“After Tara suggested lab tests and the DUTCH test, she reviewed the results and created a 12-week protocol for me. The journey we took over the three short months resulted in me sleeping well after 4+ years of insomnia, losing twenty pounds, and most importantly, feeling like myself again. At our first meeting, she said, “when we are done working together, my goal is for you to feel better than you have in years.” And did she ever come through. I couldn’t be more grateful to Tara for helping me get here. Thank you for saving my life, my marriage, my career and for allowing me to finally find joy in motherhood”. 

– Lisa Andrews

Best thing I ever did was join The Hive.

“Best thing I ever did was join The Hive by Tara Thorne. She’s an awesome nutritionist. You can work with her without ever leaving your house because appointments are done over Skype! So convenient for a working mom! Worked with her for over a year and I love The Hive to be able to ask question and get recipes and information for staying healthy. Did a GI map and DUTCH test. Way better and more in depth than any doctor tests. Finally feel normal and lost after not being able to for over 2 years!!! Look her up in Facebook!”

– Rachel Salvagna