The Hormone Balance Solution™

A comprehensive program for busy women who want to ditch the unwanted weight, digestive issues, adult acne AND stop feeling so ‘hormotional’… has finally launched!! 

This all-in-one hormone health-restoring program includes both a DUTCH hormone test, a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis test, AND a GI Map gut test — both the gold standard in the industry and more in-depth than anything your doctor will run for you. 

(That’s if you can even get to the point of being taken seriously about the symptoms you’re experiencing! *sigh*)

The Hormone Balance Solution™

A comprehensive program for busy women who want to ditch the unwanted weight, digestive issues, adult acne AND stop feeling so ‘hormotional’… has finally launched!! 

This all-in-one hormone health-restoring program includes both a DUTCH hormone test AND a GI Map gut test — both the gold standard in the industry and more in-depth than anything your doctor will run for you.

(That’s if you can even get to the point of being taken seriously about the symptoms you’re experiencing! *sigh*)


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What is The Hormone Balance Solution?

The HBS is designed for women [mamas & mamas-to-be] who want to re-balance their hormones, and who are tired of piecing together their own solutions courtesy of Dr. Google – so that they’re able to get back on their health game!

Imagine going from “I feel soooo uncomfortable in my skin” to finally getting back to your optimal “quick, take my picture!” weight.

From feeling heavy, tired and bloated to lighter, full of energy and having no more puffiness – goodbye water retention!

From wild mood swings, cramps, and unpredictable poop to steady moods and zero tummy troubles.

From PMS to regular, smooth menstrual cycles – and glowing skin to boot!

All this without being on a seemingly endless restricted diet.

“I joined the Hormone Balance Solution after getting to a dead end with my doctor on how to fix the symptoms I was having. It’s been the best experience over the last 10 weeks. The thorough testing that Tara does helped to pinpoint exactly what was going on with me and she created detailed protocols based on each test along with my symptoms. Being in constant communication through the Facebook group and coaching calls kept me motivated to stick to the protocols. Tara answered any questions that came up and provided an abundance of information, recipes and tools to assist in the 10 week journey. Her knowledge in functional health is so impressive and made me feel like I was in great hands! I’ve already noticed major improvements in my health and am excited to continue this path.

Erica Ahee

How do I know if I need the Hormone Balance Solution?

Do you have any of these frustrating symptoms of hormones not playing nice? 

✓ Heavy, irregular, or painful periods

✓ PMS (cramping, water retention, tender breasts, mood swings)

✓ Fibrocystic breasts

✓ Ovarian cysts

✓ Fertility issues

✓ Debilitating fatigue that leaves you unable to do those things you most desire to

✓ Hair loss and thinning hair

✓ Osteoporosis (weak, brittle bones)

✓ Uncontrollable irritability or rage

✓ Vaginal dryness (but you’re lacking a sex drive in the first place!)

✓ Mood swings, anxiety and/or depression

✓ Bloating, indigestion and other digestive issues

✓ Constipation and/or diarrhea

✓ Acne during or just before menstruation or other skin issues

✓ Cold hands and feet, constipation and other sluggish-thyroid symptoms

✓ Hot flashes and night sweats

✓ Weepiness and crying spells

Yep, thought so. Then the HBS is for you!

It’s time for you to get back into balance and back to feeling like yourself again. 

Here’s what you get when you join us in the HBS:

10 weeks spent with me so we have ample time to balance your hormones and educate you about your body – allowing you to take charge of your health once and for all!

Customized supplement protocol based on your test results and current health symptoms, created just for you PLUS a recorded video explanation of your test results. So you can be even more successful because you understand what’s going on in your body. 

A DUTCH Complete hormone test – retails at about $530 CAD

GI Map stool test – retails at about $470 CAD

A Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis – one of the most crucial tests you must do in order to balance your hormones, (if you don’t get on top of your minerals and metals you may NEVER see hormonal balance) – retails at about $80 CAD

Access to a new module each week where we dive into specific topics like diet, lifestyle, gut health, adrenal function, thyroid health, estrogen dominance, fasting, and so much more! 

(BTW, you only get one week’s access at a time to reduce any feelings of overwhelm.)

Private Facebook community of other HBS members – where you can ask as many questions as you like for the duration of the program – no question is too complicated – I’m completely accessible to you!

This exclusive community is a safe space for you to ask, share, seek guidance, advice, support, and encouragement.

Over 70 gluten-free, (mostly) dairy-free, anti-inflammatory recipes created by yours truly – which you’re going to love – so you can have easy meals planned that align with the HBS’s food guidelines

Bi-Weekly group coaching calls (done via Zoom) where you can talk to me about your health, test results, the custom protocol I’ve developed for you, as well as get live coaching directly from me.

“I’ve always had challenges maintaining a healthy weight. I’m constantly fluctuating because I’ll do a drastic eating and exercise program that can’t be maintained long-term.

Tara’s program was perfect for me. I learned so much about how to eat properly. I never felt like I was depriving myself of anything. It was the opposite actually!

When I eat now I feel like I’m nourishing my body and mind. No more bloat, discomfort…my clothes fit great. I even dropped to a size I haven’t been since I was a teenager.

Tara is fabulous! If you want to live a happier and healthier life, she’s your girl.”

Hayley Morrison

And here are the amazing BONUSES you get, because I just can’t help myself! (Give = Thrive)

    Bonus health content like the Coffee withdrawal guide”, “On-the-go snacks and meals guide, Functional blood work guide, expert interviews and so many healthy lifestyle tips. {Value over $300!} 

    5 meditations to choose from plus a breath work video — because balancing your hormones starts with stress reduction! {Value $150} 

    A Pilates workout created specifically for busy women, filmed on a beach no less to help you get some healthy movement into your day in a time efficient way. {Value $97} 

    So, if you’re finally ready to make changes that actually stick…

    then let’s just say you’ve found your biggest cheerleader and support system – who just happens to be an expert in women’s health and nutrition!

      “I did Tara’s program and it was a great success in many ways. Through Tara’s coaching calls and information provided I learned things about food and how they affect my body, energy and mood that I had no idea about. 

      During and at the end of the program I found my mood was better, I had a lot more energy, felt great about what I was eating and had lost some much needed weight. 

      The change in eating was easy thanks to the delicious recipes Tara provided and the whole change in food was easy to follow and easy to keep up with even now that the program is over.”

      Tanya O’Rourke 

      “This was my second time doing Tara’s program. After the first time, I felt so good and learned so much that I had to do it again! I couldn’t wait to get back on track. Tara is always available to answer questions and provide support and constantly reminded us that we are all human, including herself, and no one has the perfect diet or lifestyle!  

      This realistic approach is exactly what I needed and she shouldn’t be surprised if she sees me sign up for another program of hers in the future.”


      And who’s running this hormone-restoring show?

      Hi, I’m Tara Thorne.

      Your Functional Nutritionist and Women’s Health Expert. 

      I’m a mum of two little ones, an online business owner, and health writer for many international publications like Alive magazine, Nourish, and Australian Natural Health. 

      My journey to healthful living started in 2008 after I suffered severe anxiety attacks. 

      But in 2015, I came face to face with HPA axis dysfunction, (also known as “adrenal fatigue”). I wasn’t really all that surprised as I had just come out of two years of various emotional and physical stressors.

      On top of this, I was working for myself, finishing up school, working on building up my new business, all whilst being a mummy to a 3 year old and a not-even-one-year-old.

      I ended up on an antidepressant, (allopathic docs’ favourite catch-all “solution”) temporarily, but I was able to go off these meds within a couple of months and finally seek the help of an experienced functional health practitioner.

      I also took this opportunity to educate myself about “adrenal fatigue” and other types of hormonal imbalances such as estrogen dominance and thyroid dysfunction, that had also been negatively impacting my mental health.

      I read books, searched reputable websites and talked to Professors, Naturopaths, and Nutritionists about their recommendations for a woman in my situation.

      Thankfully I came out the other end of all this with a very clear understanding about adrenal dysfunction and multiple hormone imbalances, as well as exactly what I needed to do – and continue to do to this day!

      This is now my mission and passion: optimizing women’s health and hormonal balance.

      until you have an extreme case of adrenal dysfunction or multiple coinciding hormone imbalances to seek help –
      like I did.  

      Listen mama, I see you. And I can confidently tell you that there’s no need to ‘go it alone’ anymore, trying to figure out how to fix your complex hormonal systems that are constantly cross-talking to one another. 

      With the many years of study and clinical experience I have, and my deep passion for helping women just like YOU, I couldn’t be more excited to help expertly guide, support and cheer you on in your health journey.

      “I started working with Tara because I was completely frustrated with my long-term digestive symptoms. I did a GI Map testing under Tara’s recommendation. Tara was very thorough in explaining the results and gave me a targeted protocol.

      After a few weeks, my symptoms started improving. Not only did my bloating decrease, but so did the burping. I also lost some weight, which was a nice bonus.

      I always know I’m in good hands with Tara. She’s a gem to work with, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable. Don’t pass up the chance to work with her!”

      Claudia Petrilli

      As a holistic health practitioner who just graduated, I wasn’t sure if working with Tara inside The Hormone Balance Solution would be worth it, I was afraid I would already know a lot and therefore waste my money. Indeed I was familiar with a lot of the content (basically the weekly briefs), however, I also learned so much, it was totally worth it! I learned about 3 functional tests (HTMA, DUTCH test and GI Map), I got an introduction on how to interpret them, I learned about hidden copper toxicity, how to do a mercury detox, about high quality supplements and supplement brands I didn’t know about… Your expertise helped “decode” my health and finally taking a step forward to improve it further than I was able to do on my own. Working with you made me eager to learn more about functional testing in order to integrate them into my practice as they are so valuable. I would highly recommend newly-qualified holistic health practitioners to work with you to fix themselves if they haven’t already, to see how you practice which can be great insight, and to continue learning!”

      Marion Baudier-Melon

      At the age of 17, I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and panic attacks. I was placed on anti anxiety medications and was on them for 20 years, never thinking I would be able to taper off of them. I decided I no longer wanted to be on medications and took action to make my physical and mental health a priority. Through a GI map Tara discovered I had a parasite. And, with her expertise in the DUTCH Test, she looked at my hormones and discovered I needed help in some areas and was not methylating properly. Tara also did a hair analysis to see what metals were in my system – I tested positive for a number of heavy metals including copper and was deficient in vital minerals. Tara has helped me address these issues and clearly explains her well thought out, organized protocol. The supplements helped my anxiety, my seasonal allergies have improved so much that I no longer get weekly allergy shots, and I’ve lost 10 pounds. Tara is an expert in the functional health coaching industry. She investigates the root causes of health issues whereas doctors don’t. She’s extremely knowledgeable and passes on that knowledge to her clients. She’s clearly very passionate about helping others reach their health goals and has absolutely helped me with mine. What I have learned has been invaluable and I can’t thank her enough! If you’re suffering and can’t find answers, I highly recommend you sign up to work with her!

      Daniela Petrilli

      I’ve been working with Tara for about 6 months via the Hive and have also done some precision testing per her recommendations (Dutch Test and GI Map testing). I’m 38 years old, live a busy life as a full time financial professional and was starting to experience the exact same symptoms and issues my mother had when she was my age…this was a major turning point for me when I decided I needed to get to the root of my issues, not just mask them. Tara and I have spent the last few months using a combination of food choices and supplementation to address the primary gut infection (h.pylori) and help my body detox from all the estrogen. Follow up testing shows that h.pylori is gone and that my markers for gut inflammation and difficulty detoxing estrogen have come WAY down. I’m also experiencing regular, normal periods, no breast pain and no headaches!! We recently re-ran the GI map testing again and will tackle some secondary disbiosis issues that very commonly lurk under the primary issues. I am also going to start implementing Tara’s recommendations for better/more sleep and stress management to allow my body to shed the excess weight. The support in the Hive is awesome, and it’s a great place to get real, point-in-time answers from Tara instead of just crossing my fingers and googling important health questions. I am so pleased with Tara’s thorough and precise process and her kind and thoughtful approach. I know I’m on the right track and implementing foods, supplements and lifestyle choices that specifically are geared for me and my issues. I only


      What is the HBS program going to cost me? 

      (But is there really any price you can put on regaining your health anyway?)

      The full 10-week comprehensive program is valued at over $4500 with all of the amazing bonuses and testing you get! 

      But I’m droppin’ it like it’s hot, and the full program is only $2997 (in CAD), including the 3 diagnostic tests – that are worth almost $1000 CAD on their own!

      Are you FINALLY ready to put yourself first – and rock your hormone health again? Let’s do this together mama – it’s your time to shine!

      P.S. It would cost TWICE AS MUCH to work one-on-one with me. A comprehensive group health solution really is the most cost-effective way to transform your health – and hormones.

      “3 Years after having my second child I felt exhausted, out of energy, experiencing terrible nausea each month around ovulation and the final straw: acne. My doctor and derm’s only suggestion was to go on the birth control pill – which I was not going to do. I wanted to treat the cause, not the symptoms.

      Working with Tara was eye opening and motivating. We completed a GI map and DUTCH hormone test which showed some underlying gut and hormone issues. After addressing these issues with Tara I’m so much higher in energy, I’m sleeping better, I’ve lost 8 lbs and my skin is starting to calm.

      When working on something as priceless as your health you want a practitioner that is as passionate as you are – and Tara is! You can tell she is doing this because she loves it and she thrives on continually educating herself so she can bring the best result to her clients.” 

      Sarah Beck Neichter

      “I just completed Tara’s program and it was one of the best healthy living decisions I have ever made!

      Not only did I lose 10 lbs (and still losing), but my energy and mood have improved, and my chronic, year-round allergy symptoms have all but disappeared!

      Tara consistently went above and beyond to answer questions and troubleshoot challenges while on the program – it’s so clear that she is passionate about her work and is an expert in her field! With a few tweaks, I am now committed to eating the way Tara taught me for life!”

      Rachel Morrison

      “Tara is so great to work with. She is extremely knowledgeable in hormones/gut health/women’s health. I trust that she is providing me with the most current health information. There is so much conflicting info out there you don’t know what to believe.

      Tara does her homework. Working with Tara is like working with a friend, she has the same struggles that we all do and she’s not afraid to let you know it.”

      Lauree Kunz


      because I know you’ve got questions about the HBS. So, I’ve got answers.

      I'm in Australia/the UK/Russia/Spain/China/etc! Can I also do the program?

      Yes! This program is 100% online so you can do it no matter where you are in the world. 

      Once you’re all signed up, you’ll receive the first week’s resources with all the pertinent guidelines you need to get started. 

      Plus, you’ll get immediate access to the private Facebook group where I’m waiting to support you and answer all of your most pressing questions!

      Do I have to purchase supplements in order to join the Hormone Balance Solution program — and have it be a success?

      Yes, there will be supplements recommended for you after you’ve completed all of your testing and once you have received your customized protocol from me. 

      I will be able to advise you about the additional cost once we get to this point. It really all depends on what health issues we have to work on together. 

      You will want to set aside a budget for the recommended supplements and nutraceutical support as they really are a crucial part of your healing. 

      I'm vegan/vegetarian - is this program right for me?

      I haven’t tailored this program specifically for vegetarians or vegans, and the meal plans do include animal products. 

      In my experience, many women do well when they incorporate some animal protein in their diet, especially when it comes to hormone balancing. (Our bodies can only work with the building blocks we give it – and this is especially true of our hormones!)

      Vegetarians & vegans – you are of course welcome to join. I fully respect your choices, however, please know I can’t further customize a vegan or vegetarian meal plan but you’re welcome to adapt the meal plans to your own preferences.

      I’m busy (like really busy), but I know I NEED THIS PROGRAM - so how am I going to find the time to fit this all in?

      Listen, I understand busy – I’m a working mum of two young girls, so if anyone gets your ‘busy’ — I do!! 

      That’s why all the meal plans and recipes I provide and meal planning/prep tips are as simple as can be – without compromising on flavour, of course. 

      I also try to make my meals really family-friendly. For example, most of the recipes are ones that I cook for my own family, and often use in my weekly meal rotations at home, so you won’t be slaving away in the kitchen cooking multiple meals for multiple mouths. 

      But, I won’t lie… planning ahead is a MUST if you want to keep yourself (and your family) fed healthfully, and that’s why I strongly suggest meal planning each week. 

      At the end of the day, my question to you is this: how can you afford to NOT find the time for your health?

      I'm breastfeeding. Should I join the program?

      The Hormone Balance Solution, whilst being an excellent choice for those wishing to conceive or who are dealing with fertility issues, is NOT RECOMMENDED for pregnant or breastfeeding mamas.

      Can I pay in installments?

      Yes! If you choose to pay in installments, an initial payment of $1000 (program start), then additional payments of $848.50 at the 4 and 8-week mark for a total cost of $2697 CAD.

      What’s your refund policy?

      I don’t offer any refunds. Once you sign up you get instant access to the resources, so I’m not able to offer refunds for this program – but I know you won’t be wanting one anyway 😉


      No more guessing games! Take the tests and find out what is REALLY going on with your health!