We've all suspected that folate is the golden child of MTHFR and methylation optimization however, new research has shown that it's actually B2, (riboflavin) that plays a crucial role in how well our MTHFR enzyme works.

Nutrition and health info changes ALL.THE.TIME and that's why we have to always be open-minded and able to pivot when new research presents itself.

If you have a SNP, (“mutation”) in your MTHFR enzyme this makes your MTHFR enzyme bind to B2 weakly and at low B2 concentrations MTHFR has poorer activity, (therefore, you have poor methylation). But what studies have shown is that at high enough B2 concentrations MTHFR activity is restored to normal.

Are we B2 deficient?

Likely. The best source of B2 is liver, and hands up how many people eat liver on a regular basis? I try to get pâté into my diet on the regular, and if I can get my hands-on organic liver I'll throw it in a Bolognese, but it's not the easiest thing to get into mine and my family's diet regularly. The next best sources of B2 are heart and kidney, (not eaten much by many this day and age) followed by almonds, (but you have to eat a large amount to touch the sides and on a daily basis). Red meat, cheese, eggs, salmon, mushrooms, seaweed, and sesame are also good sources but you have to eat lots of these to get enough B2 for healthy MTHFR activity.

Poor metabolic health also hurts your B2 status: things like hypothyroidism, HPA axis dysfunction, (aka “adrenal fatigue”), poor magnesium status, and insulin resistance.

So, low B2 intake + metabolic issues, (which are RIFE in our modern-day world) = low B2 status and hence low methylation activity.

It’s also important to note that endurance exercise, weight loss, high-fat diets, and sunlight exposure all increase your B2 requirement substantially.

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