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  • A safe place for you to share your frustrations, set backs and achievements as they pertain to your health and happiness.
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  • Motivation and encouragement on a daily basis from not only me but also other mamas in the group who have similar health struggles and goals to you.
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  • Access to recipes before they’re posted anywhere else.
  • Information from other health experts such as a Reiki Master and Stress Coach.

What are people saying about the group?

“My daughter and I are on both your Facebook page and group and think you are GREAT!!”

“There are so many resources out there that I find it overwhelming. There is something special about you that just fits for me. I love how you make everyone welcome too.”

“Thank you for everything. Tara, you are a wealth of knowledge and I appreciate it.”

“Thanks for creating this amazing group!”

“I have lost some weight and my mood seems to have improved greatly.”