The Happy Hormones course is a low-cost, low-time-investment solution designed for busy women who need a jump-start on their hormonal health with some hand-holding from a professional. It’s designed to give you quick wins and real results without having to invest a ton of time, money, or implement a crazy diet or supplement regime, so you can improve your mood, sleep better, and reduce your stress after a hectic year.

The Happy Hormones course cuts through the online chatter to give you quick yet effective strategies to help you get back on your hormonal game. It’s a no-nonsense course for the busy woman who wants a structured plan to help her hit the reset button and get back on track with healthy living.

Complete with all the resources you need for success and a private Facebook group for added support and guidance and 
direct access to Tara.

The Happy Hormones course is for:

  • The woman who has fallen off the wagon with her healthy living and is experiencing nagging symptoms that are beginning to impact her life.
  • ​The woman who has had a hard year and needs some TLC to get her back on track with her physical symptoms as well as help to reduce her stress levels.
  • The woman who is not ready to make a big financial commitment but needs a professional to guide her in the right direction to get her feeling better. 

The past couple of years have been hard on many.

We've endured things we never thought we would. Many of us were blindsided by the past couple of years and with this has come additional stress, sleepless nights, comfort eating and the development of some not-so-healthy habits.

Many women have seen their health take a nose-dive the past couple of years and some have also been hit hard financially. This is why I developed the Happy Hormones course - to help more women get back on track to improve their sleep, reduce their stress, and help them eat healthier without a huge financial outlay.

This course has been developed with a results-driven focus in mind and teaches strategies that will be yours to fall back on for life. If you follow the short yet powerful tips laid out simply for you week by week you will see results.

This course is for you if:

✓   You’re fed up with the contradictory advice out there about what to eat and what to do, (or not do) to stay healthy, and you just want a professional with experience to cut through the BS for you and give you solid answers you can trust and rely on.

✓  You’re short on time and need a quick, easy, but effective way to kick start your hormonal health and get things back on track.

✓  You’ve fallen off the wagon thanks to winter comfort food or summer cocktails and need some structure to get you back on track, to help you recreate better habits again and press the “reset” button on your hormonal health.

If you want tried and tested, fail-proof methods that have worked for 100’s of women before you, with no fluff and no BS, then this is the course for you.  


Get EXCLUSIVE access to Tara inside the private Happy Hormones Facebook group - for life! In this group you will forever be able to ask me all your hormonal health questions.
Get in now to gain access to Tara via this private Facebook group.

Inside of the Happy Hormones Community...

What will you learn inside the Happy Hormones course?

The course is broken down into six sections that are opened up to you week by week, (to prevent overwhelm) and also emailed directly to your inbox. 

Each week you receive actionable tips to start implementing, (on average, three tips per week to keep it manageable) and you will build upon each tip every week so that come the end of the sixth week you have implemented all the tips and have formed some extremely healthy and hormone-loving habits!

You’ll learn things like:

•  What a fool-proof diet looks like for pretty much everyone - no crazy restrictions or limitations necessary! This is a diet you can do for the rest of your life, confident that it nourishes and protects your body.

•  What Tara thinks of fasting for women with hormone issues and whether this is something you should implement or not.

•  Which functional food all women should be consuming to support healthy estrogen detox in order to protect those precious breasts and ovaries!

•  Why circadian rhythms are so crucial for your hormonal health and why yours are probably out of whack and what you can do about it.

•  Tara’s top tips for relieving constipation and hacks to get you sleeping better each night.

•  Which tea encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut, is antifungal, breaks down candida biofilms, and targets a range of bacterial pathogens in the gut.

•  Which functional foods increase keystone strains of bacteria in the gut that are crucial for weight loss, insulin sensitivity, reducing the chance of diseases like Parkinson’s and irritable bowel disease, and more.

… and soooo much more!

What will you receive inside the Happy Hormones course?

•  Lifetime access to the Happy Hormones education and resource portal - including access to all the updates and additions that will be made in the future.

•  18 of Tara’s best tips and strategies she teaches to all her clients to get their hormones working optimally again

•  Nutrition plan to take the guess-work out of what to eat (finally!)

•  Functional foods cheat sheet - to super-charge your hormone balancing efforts.

5 mini trainings created by Tara that dive deeper into adrenal health, gut health, thyroid health, estrogen health, and the importance of minerals for overall happy hormones. 

Supplement plan - incase you want to add some additional support for your body during your Happy Hormones journey, (you don’t have to buy supplements to succeed on this course).

Discounts on professional practitioner-only supplement brands

• A blood work table complete with important blood markers you should get yearly as well as the functional, optimal ranges you want to try to hit, (not your doctors' lab ranges!)

2 x 7 day weekly meal plans and recipes to match - a total of 31 recipes so you’re never left wondering what to cook!

•  Discounts on optional purchases that will propel your Happy Hormones journey even further

•  Constipation remedies - because being constipated isn’t just un-fun, it’s also very unhealthy.

5 x workout videos you can do in the comfort of your own home

• Detox resource - providing strategies to amplify detoxification, which is a vital part of a hormone health restoring program. 

• Blood sugar balance resource including functional ranges to hit and a "how to monitor your blood sugar" guide - to help you support your blood sugar, which can be life-changing.

• Digestions tips for improving digestion so you can kick bloating, gas, burping and finally absorb the nutrients you're consuming.

• Sleep guide: to get you sleeping soundly through the night in order to have a hope of balancing your hormones.  

• Protein tip sheet - how to get the amount of protein needed for healthy hormones into your daily diet, (you're almost guaranteed, not eating enough protein!)

PLUS! - Access to the private Happy Hormones Facebook community - direct access to Tara to ask her all your hormonal health questions! 

Inside of the Happy Hormones Community...

Meet Tara! Functional Nutritionist and Certified Nutrition Coach

Tara is a Functional Health Practitioner, a mum of two little ones, and an online business owner who has also written for many international publications.

Her journey to healthful living started in 2008 after she suffered severe anxiety attacks. Then, in 2015 she came face to face with HPA axis dysfunction, (also known as “adrenal fatigue”). She had just come out of two years of various emotional and physical stressors and was working for herself, finishing up school, working on building another business all whilst being a mummy to a 3 year old and a not-even-one-year-old. She didn’t know then what she knows now - that she was digging a deeper hole of hormonal imbalances for herself, (hindsight is 20/20!). 

Tara ended up on an antidepressant, (allopathic docs’ favourite catch-all “solution”) but was able to go off these within a couple of months as she dove into educating herself about hormonal imbalances, “root cause” medicine, and why she experienced the hormonal imbalances she did.

And thus started her career helping other women overcome the same issues she herself experienced. This is now Tara’s mission and passion: optimizing women’s health and hormonal balance so they don’t have to suffer like she did.


I have no time - should I still join?
Yes! First of all, you should always make time for your health. Second of all, there’s a very small time commitment and most of the time you put into this is time that you should always and forever put into your health. This is not a time limited “diet”, this is a lifestyle change. This course isn’t filled with hours upon hours of reading or implementation. Anyone has time for this course!
I’m not on Facebook, can I still do the course?
You sure can, you just won’t have access to the private Facebook group that’s available to all course participants at this time. 
Can I do the course if I’m vegan or vegetarian?
This isn’t the right type of course if you’re vegan or vegetarian as animal protein is a focus.
Can I do the course if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?
 The Happy Hormones course isn’t designed for pregnant women however, breastfeeding mamas can definitely benefit from this course and it’s a great way to support the body after the stress of pregnancy and giving birth. 
Does it matter where in the World I’m located or can I do the course from anywhere?
No! This course is 100% virtual so you can live in Dubai, China, Alaska or any other part of the globe and participate in the Happy Hormones course.
Do you offer refunds?
Sorry, no refunds will be given because once you join the course you’ll gain access to much of the content.

Inside of the Happy Hormones Community...

What others have said about similar courses Tara has run: 

Emily Weinmann said:

"Tara has genuinely CHANGED my life…monumentally. She has improved so many things I suffer from and got me feeling the happiness and healthiest I ever have. She’s amazing. She’s incredibly, incredibly thorough. 

She did an extensive medical history for me, she looks at all your vitamin deficiencies, looks for hints of underlying problems. I did a really extensive survey with her and it had very specific questions about things that I wouldn’t even think were related to nutrition. 

She discovered issues that nutritionists in the past were incapable of finding. She’s also incredibly focused on women’s health, adrenal burnout, how tired and over-stressed and overworked we are – especially postpartum. 

She genuinely saved my life, as far as I’m concerned. Because she focuses on women’s health, and hormones and postpartum, the work she did developing a plan for me completely balanced my blood sugar, my mood, and my hormones. My skin cleared, I lost weight, I felt more energy than I’ve ever felt in my life. I stopped having cravings, I stopped getting sick, and I stopped having the feeling of overwhelm every single day at 4pm. I stopped snapping at my husband and my daughter and I started sleeping better. I think the most pivotal thing that I can’t actually confirm is related, is that it was much easier for me to get pregnant the second time around after seeing her. I do believe this had to do with the changes I have made. I have PCOS. With my first it took me five years, and although there are four years between my children, a couple of those years were prep. I also really, really like that she’s a mother herself who experienced adrenal burnout."

Hayley Morrison said:

“I’ve always had challenges maintaining a healthy weight. I’m constantly fluctuating because I’ll do a drastic eating and exercise program that can’t be maintained long-term. Tara’s program was perfect for me. I learned so much about how to eat properly. I never felt like I was depriving myself of anything. It was the opposite actually! When I eat now I feel like I’m nourishing my body and mind. No more bloat, discomfort…my clothes fit great. I even dropped to a size I haven’t been since I was a teenager. Tara is fabulous! If you want to live a happier and healthier life, she’s your girl.”

Rachel Morrison said:

“I just completed the Six Week Slim Down and it was one of the best healthy living decisions I have ever made! Not only did I lose 10 lbs in six weeks (and still losing), but my energy and mood have improved, and my chronic, year-round allergy symptoms have all but disappeared! Tara consistently went above and beyond to answer questions and troubleshoot challenges while on the program – it’s so clear that she is passionate about her work and is an expert in her field! With a few tweaks, I am now committed to eating the way Tara taught me for life!”

Shannon Sanojevic said:

“Tara created a wonderful program with the Six Week Slim Down. I lost 10lbs and changed the food habits of my family in a relatively short period of time based on the information from Tara. I recommend the program to anyone who would love to lose weight without counting calories! I leave the program feeling and looking better and also with some really yummy food tricks up my sleeve!”

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