The Hormone Balance Solution™

A comprehensive group hormone balancing program for busy women who want to get solid answers so they can kick their skin issues, weight gain, moodiness, gut problems, period issues, fatigue, and overwhelm in order to get back to the woman they once were, but who seems to have disappeared.

This all-in-one group hormone health-restoring program includes a DUTCH hormone test, a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis test, AND a GI Map gut test — all the gold standard in the industry and more in-depth than anything your allopathic doctor will run for you, (that’s if you can even get to the point of being taken seriously about the symptoms you’re experiencing). 

The Hormone Balance Solution™

A comprehensive group hormone balancing program for busy women who want to get solid answers so they can kick their skin issues, weight gain, moodiness, gut problems, period issues, fatigue, and overwhelm in order to get back to the woman they once were, but who seems to have disappeared.

This all-in-one group hormone health-restoring program includes a DUTCH hormone test, a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis test, AND a GI Map gut test — all the gold standard in the industry and more in-depth than anything your allopathic doctor will run for you, (that’s if you can even get to the point of being taken seriously about the symptoms you’re experiencing). 


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What is The Hormone Balance Solution?

The HBS is designed for women who want to re-balance their hormones and who are tired of piecing together their own solutions courtesy of Dr. Google – so they’re able to get back to the woman they once were. 

Imagine going from “I feel soooo uncomfortable in my skin” to finally getting back to your optimal “quick, take my picture!” weight. 

From feeling heavy, tired and bloated to lighter, full of energy and having no more puffiness – goodbye water retention!

From wild mood swings, cramps, and unpredictable poop to steady moods and zero tummy troubles.

From PMS to regular, smooth menstrual cycles – and glowing skin to boot!

From overwhelmed and frazzled with your family running for cover, to calm, happy, content again – back to the woman you once were.

And getting all this without being on a seemingly endless restricted diet.

From inside The HBS community . . .

“I joined the Hormone Balance Solution after getting to a dead end with my doctor on how to fix the symptoms I was having. It’s been the best experience over the last 10 weeks.

The thorough testing that Tara does helped to pinpoint exactly what was going on with me and she created detailed protocols based on each test along with my symptoms. Being in constant communication through the Facebook group and coaching calls kept me motivated to stick
to the protocols.

Tara answered any questions that came up and provided an abundance of information, recipes and tools to assist in the 10 week journey. Her knowledge in functional health is so impressive and made me feel like I was in great hands! I’ve already noticed major improvements in my health and am excited to continue this path.

Erica Ahee

The Hormone Balance Solution has changed my life! Before the HBS I was exhausted, had chronic diarrhea and couldn't lose weight the 25lbs I had gained even though I was working out with a trainer multiple times a week and eating a very clean diet. I had gone to my doctor multiple times for blood tests and I kept hearing that I was fine but had slightly low iron levels and was told to take an iron supplement. Since joining the HBS, I finally have the answers that explain my symptoms and a CLEAR PLAN on how to improve my health moving forward.


“I started working with Tara after coming off the birth control pill (after being on it for too many years cause of endometriosis). I was in a state where I didn’t recognize my body nor my mind and I felt completely off. I always considered myself having a healthy lifestyle but despite that, I didn’t feel good at all and I didn’t know why. Having the tests done that Tara provides through her program and having Tara by my side has helped me more than I know. I worked with Tara 1 on 1 and it gave me great comfort having her by my side cause this is hard work and you’ll experience ups and downs. It was nice to be able to see for the first time tests explaining the symptoms I had and getting to the root cause and work from there. I still do, but now I know I’m heading in the right direction and that gives me great comfort and hope. I would highly recommend working with Tara if you need help figuring out your symptoms, what’s causing them and what to do to be able to feel better through nutrition, supplements and mindfulness“. 

Merete Sand Knudsen

“I joined the HBS after following Tara on social media for a few months. Tara is a wealth of knowledge, and the HBS got me on track with improved eating and realising the importance of looking after myself and de-stressing my life.

I started taking more time to do things I enjoyed, realising how important that is for my health. I also realised that for someone with my health concerns, high intensity exercise is not beneficial! While I mostly knew what foods to steer away from, it helped to have someone I was accountable to who was checking in on me regularly.

The HBS community of ladies all give each other food ideas, and we supported each other through the process. Tara interpreted the test results and put me on a range of supplements to improve my health and hormone balance. I no longer feel like I need a nap everyday, I'm thinking clearer and I've also lost some weight!

After the HBS program, I feel I now have the knowledge to continue this journey myself, and I'll continue to work with Tara in the future. Tara gave me answers to my questions, and solutions to improving my symptoms. Thank you for your support and expertise Tara!” 

Kylie Merritt

“Tara is fantastic at getting to the bottom of your issues. She provides a customized in depth protocol based on your test results and these tests are not the standard test your GP would give you. In fact, no naturopath has ever offered me these tests either. The HBS is very involved and takes time and commitment but I have found it helpful in resolving my symptoms and have learnt a lot from this experience. Tara is really knowledgeable and approachable – love working with her. I saw improved libido, improved energy and motivation, improved gas, decreased bloating, menstrual cycle stability, and crazy hair growth – a side effect I was not expecting! Thank you!” 

Holly Mitchell

Before and After of an HBS lady who wanted to clear her skin.

Working with you has been one of the most rewarding and insightful experiences of my life! The HBS is so beautifully put together, with so much incredible information about WHY and HOW our hormones become imbalanced in the first place, PLUS so many valuable resources that I turn to literally every day (the meal plans, educational nuggets about functional foods, the masterclass sessions with the experts, the meditation and breathwork videos, etc). Uncovering my adrenal fatigue was both surprising and sobering. I had no idea how out of balance I was, because I was still feeling really good (great energy, great sleep), but your guidance has helped me understand how deep the waters of STRESS actually do run, and how absolutely beyond words imperative it is to manage it (especially for those of us who don't necessarily “feel” the effects of chronic stress!). I would have never put this piece together without you, Tara. I would not be meditating daily. I would not have traded in my HIIT workouts and Bikram yoga for walks, gentle restorative yoga and stretching. I would not have uncovered my gut dysbiosis. Without you I would not have even KNOWN that I had an H. Pylori infection to eradicate. I would not have known about my stressed liver, or my significant levels of mercury, or my estrogen dominance, or my severe intolerance to gluten. Since starting the HBS, I have had 2 confirmed ovulatory cycles after having not had one since May 2020!! My bowels are the happiest and healthiest they have ever been, going like clockwork and moving multiple times a day. I know I have only scratched the surface of my healing, and every day I know I get a little bit closer to my ultimate goal — healed adrenals and a balanced body that will carry a sweet little baby some day. Thank you, Tara, for your unbelievable knowledge, your spirit, your commitment to your clients and YOURSELF and for being the kind of leader you are. You are literally healing the world.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!”

Emily W.

“Where do I begin with this amazing experience? I have spent my entire life fighting my monthly cycle. I was diagnosed with ovarian cysts that burst monthly, endometriosis, fibroid tumors, polyps, and I experienced a miscarriage. Each physician and specialist that I saw would prescribe anti-inflammatory medications and recommend birth control pills (which was awful and ended after two months) or exploratory surgeries to remove tumors, etc. I eventually had a partial hysterectomy but then was diagnosed with another hormonal/endocrine based disease– I was beyond spent.

After this, I decided to try a different route and see if I could find something more holistic and naturally based which led me to a functional/holistic approach. I had never met someone who understood what I was going through as well as Tara. Tara is a very intelligent woman who had been through her own health issues and found a way to resolve them. In this, she has become a blessing to help others who may be dealing with something similar. She is always available to answer questions as they arise and explain your treatment protocols very clearly and thoroughly. The functional portion of the HBS gets to the root cause of an issue instead of a traditional way of treating the symptom(s).

Within two months of the protocols and a more thorough understanding of the root causes as well as how to heal myself from the inside out, I experienced a decrease in blood pressure and heart rate, a 20-30 lb. weight loss, clearer skin, improvement in brain fog, increased sleeping through the night, increased endurance, and an overall increase in moods and happiness.

Tara is able to address those issues which are pinpointed in the Dutch, GI Map, and HTMA testing while also making it a necessity to focus on emotional and mental health. The health of the human body is dictated by each part that makes us whole and it has to be addressed as such. Daily walks, food choices, gratitude journals, and healing past emotional traumas are all necessary to achieve your best health possible. Tara is awesome in helping you do those things. “


Find out how The Hormone Balance Solution helped Stephanie finally get answers – after multiple doctor's couldn't help – and a diagnosis for her symptoms, and hence, a plan forward for her health.

How do I know if I need the Hormone Balance Solution?

Do you have any of these frustrating symptoms of hormones not playing nice? 

✓ Heavy, irregular, or painful periods

✓ PMS (cramping, water retention, tender breasts, mood swings)

✓ Fibrocystic breasts

✓ Ovarian cysts

✓ Fertility issues

✓ Debilitating fatigue that leaves you unable to do those things you most desire to

✓ Hair loss and thinning hair

✓ Osteoporosis (weak, brittle bones)

✓ Uncontrollable irritability or rage

✓ Vaginal dryness (but you’re lacking a sex drive in the first place!)

✓ Mood swings, anxiety and/or depression

✓ Bloating, indigestion and other digestive issues

✓ Constipation and/or diarrhea

✓ Acne during or just before menstruation or other skin issues

✓ Cold hands and feet, constipation and other sluggish-thyroid symptoms

✓ Hot flashes and night sweats

✓ Weepiness and crying spells

If you answered “yes” to two or more of these symptoms then The Hormone Balance Solution is the right program for you.

It's time for you to get back into balance and back to feeling like yourself again. 

Here's what you get when you join us in the HBS:

12 weeks spent with Tara and her team so we have ample time to balance your hormones and educate you about your body – allowing you to take charge of your health once and for all and providing you with education that you can use for the rest of your life. The HBS is truly an education you can take with you forever.

Bi-Weekly group coaching calls where you can talk to us about your health, test results, the custom protocols we’ve developed for you, as well as get live coaching.

Customized supplement protocol based on your test results and current health symptoms, created just for you PLUS a recorded video explanation of your test results. So you can be even more successful because you understand what’s going on in your body. (Please note, supplements are suggested as part of The HBS in order for you to achieve results. Cost of supplements are NOT included in the cost of The HBS and range in price depending on what your tests show. It's up to you how many you purchase and where you purchase from. You are however, given easy access to purchase online if you so choose – to take the guesswork and time out of finding the correct supplements yourself).

A Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis – one of the most crucial tests you must do in order to balance your hormones, (if you don't get on top of your minerals and metals you may NEVER see hormonal balance) – retails at about $100 USD

A DUTCH Complete hormone test – retails at about $399 USD

GI Map stool test – retails at about $389 USD

 Analysis of crucial blood test results (if you already have them available to you) so we can dive even deeper into your specific health case, (if you don’t have these blood results already we can help point you in the right direction as to where to get them done or how to ask your doctor for them).

5 of Tara's most requested e-books including her PMS Handbook, Healthy Desserts Recipe Book, Healthy Gut Guide and more. 

Private Facebook community full of other HBS members – where you can ask as many questions as you like for the duration of the program – Tara and her team are completely accessible to you in order to get you the results you seek.

One – 45 min one-on-one initial consultation    (done via Zoom) 

One – 30 min one-on-one consultation (done via Zoom) 

Access to a new module each week where we dive into specific topics like diet, lifestyle, gut health, adrenal function, thyroid health, estrogen dominance, fasting, and so much more! 

(BTW, you only get one week’s access at a time to reduce any feelings of overwhelm.)

NEW!: To accommodate those in the UK and Europe I now do additional coaching calls in these timezones, so no one misses out!

NEWLY ADDED!: 4 x 7 day meal plans for each HBS diet type,  complete with recipes for all the different meals in the plans, (a total of 84 new recipes on top of the 120 you already get!).

NEW!: Group tapping sessions Group tapping sessions with a Master Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner the option to get a personalized tapping script at a discounted price if you so choose, to really help you dig in and tackle those emotional issues that are holding your hormonal health back.

Full Body Workout with Kathie Vandermeer, recently voted ‘World’s Top Trainer’ by Women’s Fitness magazine.

Now, over 120 gluten-free, (mostly) dairy-free, anti-inflammatory recipes which you’re going to love so you can have easy meals planned that align with the HBS’s food guidelines.

NEW!: Masterclass series of 7 interviews with Tara and other health professionals in the field on topics such as hormones and the DUTCH test, peri-menopause, period health, and so much more.

NEW!: 3 new guided meditations added that are truly life transformative when used the way Tara suggests

“I’ve always had challenges maintaining a healthy weight. I’m constantly fluctuating because I’ll do a drastic eating and exercise program that can’t be maintained long-term.

Tara’s program was perfect for me. I learned so much about how to eat properly. I never felt like I was depriving myself of anything. It was the opposite actually!

When I eat now I feel like I’m nourishing my body and mind. No more bloat, discomfort…my clothes fit great. I even dropped to a size I haven’t been since I was a teenager.

Tara is fabulous! If you want to live a happier and healthier life, she’s your girl.”

Hayley Morrison

Overheard on the HBS Coaching Calls . . . 

And these are some additional bonuses you get because my greatest wish is that you succeed in your health healing journey, and these bonuses will help.

    Bonus health content like the Coffee withdrawal guide”, “On-the-go snacks and meals guide, Functional blood work guide, expert interviews and so many healthy lifestyle tips. {Value over $300!} 

    8 meditations to choose from plus a breath work video — because balancing your hormones starts with stress reduction! {Value over $150} 

    A Pilates workout created specifically for busy women as well as a full body workout filmed on a beach no less to help you get some healthy movement into your day in a time efficient way. {Value over $200} 

    So, if you’re ready to make sustainable changes that actually stick

    then I can promise you, you’ve found your biggest cheerleader and support system in Tara and The HBS.

      “I started feeling like things weren’t right back in late 2015. I had recently turned 35. Out of nowhere I began to hold onto extra weight (which I’d never done before), and my acne went bananas. I was trying to balance fatigue as well.

      April of 2016, we found out we were expecting and I didn’t have much energy, I craved foods like crazy and packed on a lot more lbs. Our baby was born Jan 2017. For the first time (we have other children), I was not able to drop my pregnancy weight. My acne also didn’t recover as it usually does following pregnancy. I was seeing all sorts of red flags, yet didn’t know what to do or who to see.

      About 8 mos later, we decided we wanted to try for another baby. We tried and tried and nothing. Early 2018 I decided to get acupuncture and saw great improvements to my cycle. 6 weeks later we were pregnant. I was pregnant for 20 weeks until we found out our baby’s heartbeat was no longer. I delivered her Dec 2018 at 21 weeks. We were devastated.

      I took 2 months to recover and decided once and for all to get proper help. This is when I contacted Tara. She explained to me her approach and testing she offers. She told me we would have to prioritize getting better before considering trying for another baby. I wasn’t sure we wanted to wait. Finally we decided something had to be done.

      By this time I had extreme fatigue and was quite over weight for my normal. I barely felt alive. Basically just going through the motions. In July 2019 we began working with Tara. Soon after I had all my tests in hand. I took them and patiently waited results.

      I’ll never forget the relief when I received Tara's notes explaining everything. All my results. All the mystery behind why I felt the way I did. Finally! Some Answers!!!!! Tara put together a personalized protocol to begin my healing ASAP.

      It’s now been 2 (almost 3) months that I’ve been following my protocol. I’m happy to report that I’ve lost 10lbs within the 1st month and a half. My energy levels are 100% better than they were. I am now eating better, and sleeping better. My last menstrual cycle was a dream! I had suffered heavy periods since I was 15. Last 4 cycles I was also experiencing a migraine just before starting. This last cycle I had zero headache and had a very minimal flow. I’m pretty amazed!

      Back in 2015 when my acne got really bad, I also began getting intense eczema on both hands. I’m thrilled to say that after 4 years of battling eczema, my hands are now clear! This happened on my second month after starting my protocol.

      I’m just so thankful. This was the one issue I didn’t see clearing up. I have a lot of work left to do but all this has helped me to get to the next stage of healing. I’m putting this together in hopes that people can see what a blessing it was to work with Tara Thorne. How her knowledge of nutrition and how the body works, was crucial in my turn around.. If you're on the fence or feel like nothing will work, please consult with her. I feel blessed to have found her.”

      Andrea Guerrios

      “After the birth of my second daughter I was having more and more trouble with energy. I was always tired and while I knew being a busy mom of 2 was a factor, I had suspected my thyroid was not doing its job. My whole family has a history of thyroid issues so I went to the first doctor and got my blood work done. He told me I was fine and it was just motherhood. Fast forward 4 years and 4 more doctors who all told me my blood work was fine and I was just a busy mom. After the last one I had enough. I had taken many of the toxic products out of my life and was eating better but I needed help. Enter Tara and the HBS. 10 weeks after I started I have lost 17 pounds, have more energy and am well on my way to recapturing a normal life. She gives you every tool you need, including incredibly detailed tests, customized protocols and explanations of why you are feeling the way you are, with science backing her up. The program has diet and stress guidelines and so much more and Tara is supportive and invested in you as a person. The HBS was easily one of the best decisions I have made. If you are on the fence, dive in!”

      Jennifer Lawrence

      “Working with Tara has been a fantastic experience. I joined the HBS because I had severe PMS and anxiety attacks around ovulation and my period. I also suffered from really loose stools and was extremely fatigued. All of my symptoms have improved significantly, my anxiety is gone, my digestion is great and I have more energy than I have had in a long time. Tara has put all the puzzle pieces together and helped me so much through this journey. It was not always easy, but if you stick the course with her help you will see results! This is something I have not accomplished with any of my naturopathic doctors before. Thank you for all your guidance Tara, it has been a great journey.”


      When surveyed, our HBS members shared the following answers:

        QUESTION: How would you describe working with Tara and her team inside of the Hormone Balance Solution program?

        “Tara is a very intelligent woman who has been through her own health issues and found a way to resolve them. In this, she has become a blessing to help others who may be dealing with something similar. She is always available to answer questions as they arise and explains your treatment protocols very clearly and thoroughly. The functional portion of the HBS gets to the root cause of an issue instead of a traditional way of treating the symptom.”

        “Involved! Tara and the team really gets into the weeds.”

        “They helped me figure out the pieces to my puzzle that I haven't been able to complete the past 2 years trying to get my Hashimoto's in remission!”

        “Tara is the first person to look at my situation and symptoms as a whole and truly explain how everything is interconnected. She is wholeheartedly dedicated to helping you and truly cares about you. Her approach is not a one-size-fits-all and is customized to the person.”

        “I would highly recommend others to work with Tara if they are looking to get to the root cause and are willing to do the work.”

        “It changed my life for the better. Thank you.”

        “The bi-weekly calls were SUPER helpful and I loved being able to actually talk to Tara in real-time. I appreciated that when I sometime ran out of specific questions or wasn't sure what to talk about she asked specific questions about my symptoms to get more information that I may not have thought was relevant.”

        “It’s worth the investment!”

        QUESTION: What do you love about the program?

        “I have really enjoyed how thorough Tara is with everything. The testing that she completes and her ability to explain what is going on and what is necessary to fix those items are perfect! The amount of information that is available on the website is beyond anything I would have expected and I was so thankful to have that at my fingertips. I also like how the Facebook group allows everyone to see responses to various questions and concerns from other members that help you as well. Each member of The HBS is kind and it just makes for a great group to work with.”

        “It has given me a lot of information I can use going forward. It was nice to have the community with the Facebook posts, and the coaching calls were so helpful. “

        “The enlightenment to my issues!”

        “Tara's continuous support and dedication to support each individual is fabulous.”

        “Tara’s wisdom of health and wellness and ability to interpret tests and set up protocols to get to the root of issues I loved about The HBS.”

        “I've learned so much but most importantly feeling great!”

        QUESTION: What results have you achieved so far in The HBS?

        “Reduction and reversal in symptoms, rapid hair growth! “

        “I have experienced: decrease in blood pressure and heart rate, 20-30 lb weight loss, sleeping through the night, mood improvements, clearer skin, slight improvement in brain fog, huge decrease in water retention, decrease in daily naps (I used to take a nap or two per day and now I may take one a month, if that), increased endurance (I can push mow our yard and I couldn't do that before.)”

        “I feel like I have more energy than I did before starting the program. I've also gotten to the root of my issues after Tara's suggestion to see my regular doctor about PCOS, which after some testing, I was diagnosed with. I never would have gotten the answers I needed without Tara's help. I am much more aware of the foods I am eating and know how to balance my meals to best support my body.”

        “I have lost 10 pounds. I feel much less fatigued and am getting better sleep.”

        “More Energy, better skin, less gut symptoms!”

        And who’s running this hormone-restoring show?

        Hi, I'm Tara Thorne.

        Your Functional Nutritionist and Women’s Health Expert. 

        I’m a mum of two little ones, an online business owner, and health writer for many international publications like Alive magazine, Nourish, and Australian Natural Health. 

        My journey to healthful living started in 2008 after I suffered severe anxiety attacks. 

        But in 2015, I came face to face with HPA axis dysfunction, (also known as “adrenal fatigue”). I wasn’t really all that surprised as I had just come out of two years of various emotional and physical stressors.

        On top of this, I was working for myself, finishing up school, working on building up my new business, all whilst being a mummy to a 3 year old and a not-even-one-year-old.

        I ended up on an antidepressant, (allopathic docs’ favourite catch-all “solution”) temporarily, but I was able to go off these meds within a couple of months and finally seek the help of an experienced functional health practitioner.

        I also took this opportunity to educate myself about “adrenal fatigue” and other types of hormonal imbalances such as estrogen dominance and thyroid dysfunction, that had also been negatively impacting my mental health.

        I read books, searched reputable websites and talked to Professors, Naturopaths, and Nutritionists about their recommendations for a woman in my situation.

        Thankfully I came out the other end of all this with a very clear understanding about adrenal dysfunction and multiple hormone imbalances, as well as exactly what I needed to do – and continue to do to this day!

        This is now my mission and passion: optimizing women’s health and hormonal balance.

        PLEASE DO NOT WAIT until you have an extreme case of adrenal dysfunction or multiple coinciding hormone imbalances to seek help –
        like I did.  

        Listen mama, I see you. And I can confidently tell you that there’s no need to ‘go it alone’ anymore, trying to figure out how to fix your complex hormonal systems that are constantly cross-talking to one another. 

        With the many years of study and clinical experience I have, and my deep passion for helping women just like YOU, I couldn’t be more excited to help expertly guide, support and cheer you on in your health journey.

        “As a holistic health practitioner who just graduated, I wasn’t sure if working with Tara inside The Hormone Balance Solution would be worth it, I was afraid I would already know a lot and therefore waste my money.

        Indeed I was familiar with a lot of the content (basically the weekly briefs), however, I also learned so much, it was totally worth it! I learned about 3 functional tests (HTMA, DUTCH test and GI Map), I got an introduction on how to interpret them, I learned about hidden copper toxicity, how to do a mercury detox, about high quality supplements and supplement brands I didn't know about… Your expertise helped “decode” my health and finally taking a step forward to improve it further than I was able to do on my own.

        Working with you made me eager to learn more about functional testing in order to integrate them into my practice as they are so valuable.

        I would highly recommend newly-qualified holistic health practitioners to work with you to fix themselves if they haven't already, to see how you practice which can be great insight, and to continue learning!”

        Marion Baudier-Melon

        “At the age of 17, I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and panic attacks. I was placed on anti anxiety medications and was on them for 20 years, never thinking I would be able to taper off of them. I decided I no longer wanted to be on medications and took action to make my physical and mental health a priority.

        Through a GI map Tara discovered I had a parasite. And, with her expertise in the DUTCH Test, she looked at my hormones and discovered I needed help in some areas and was not methylating properly. Tara also did a hair analysis to see what metals were in my system – I tested positive for a number of heavy metals including copper and was deficient in vital minerals.

        Tara has helped me address these issues and clearly explains her well thought out, organized protocol. The supplements helped my anxiety, my seasonal allergies have improved so much that I no longer get weekly allergy shots, and I’ve lost 10 pounds.

        Tara is an expert in the functional health coaching industry. She investigates the root causes of health issues whereas doctors don’t. She’s extremely knowledgeable and passes on that knowledge to her clients. She’s clearly very passionate about helping others reach their health goals and has absolutely helped me with mine. What I have learned has been invaluable and I can’t thank her enough!

        If you’re suffering and can’t find answers, I highly recommend you sign up to work with her!“

        Daniela Petrilli

        “I’ve been working with Tara for about 6 months via the Hive and have also done some precision testing per her recommendations (Dutch Test and GI Map testing).

        I’m 38 years old, live a busy life as a full time financial professional and was starting to experience the exact same symptoms and issues my mother had when she was my age…this was a major turning point for me when I decided I needed to get to the root of my issues, not just mask them.

        Tara and I have spent the last few months using a combination of food choices and supplementation to address the primary gut infection (h.pylori) and help my body detox from all the estrogen. Follow up testing shows that h.pylori is gone and that my markers for gut inflammation and difficulty detoxing estrogen have come WAY down. I’m also experiencing regular, normal periods, no breast pain
        and no headaches!!

        We recently re-ran the GI map testing again and will tackle some secondary disbiosis issues that very commonly lurk under the primary issues. I am also going to start implementing Tara’s recommendations for better/more sleep and stress management to allow my body to shed the excess weight.

        The support in the facebook group is awesome, and it’s a great place to get real, point-in-time answers from Tara instead of just crossing my fingers and googling important health questions.

        I am so pleased with Tara’s thorough and precise process and her kind and thoughtful approach. I know I’m on the right track and implementing foods, supplements and lifestyle choices that specifically are geared for me and my issues. I only


        “3 Years after having my second child I felt exhausted, out of energy, experiencing terrible nausea each month around ovulation and the final straw: acne. My doctor and derm’s only suggestion was to go on the birth control pill – which I was not going to do. I wanted to treat the cause, not the symptoms.

        Working with Tara was eye opening and motivating. We completed a GI map and DUTCH hormone test which showed some underlying gut and hormone issues. After addressing these issues with Tara I’m so much higher in energy, I’m sleeping better, I’ve lost 8 lbs and my skin is starting to calm.

        When working on something as priceless as your health you want a practitioner that is as passionate as you are – and Tara is! You can tell she is doing this because she loves it and she thrives on continually educating herself so she can bring the best result to her clients.” 

        Sarah Beck Neichter

        Tara is incredibly knowledgeable, down to earth and attentive to her clients needs. She has created a wonderful program with the right tests to get to the root of the problem. After spending years and thousands of dollars going in circles with Naturopathic doctors, Tara cut through it all and gave me answers. I finally feel like I’m moving forward in my health journey, and it’s greatly in part of Tara’s Hormone Balance Solution.

        Kelly Muise

        “Tara is so great to work with. She is extremely knowledgeable in hormones/gut health/women’s health. I trust that she is providing me with the most current health information. There is so much conflicting info out there you don’t know what to believe.

        Tara does her homework. Working with Tara is like working with a friend, she has the same struggles that we all do and she’s not afraid to let you know it.”

        Lauree Kunz

        “I just completed Tara’s program and it was one of the best healthy living decisions I have ever made!

        Not only did I lose 10 lbs (and still losing), but my energy and mood have improved, and my chronic, year-round allergy symptoms have all but disappeared!

        Tara consistently went above and beyond to answer questions and troubleshoot challenges while on the program – it’s so clear that she is passionate about her work and is an expert in her field! With a few tweaks, I am now committed to eating the way Tara taught me for life!”

        Rachel Morrison

        Tara's program is designed to get to the root cause and treat the whole you, not just the parts that don't feel quite right. The testing included in Tara's program is critical!

        For years I have chased symptoms and tried things based on those symptoms. While some of it helped, I still was left trying to figure out what was happening inside my body. Now I know!

        In Tara's program I discovered what exactly was happening and Tara developed a protocol to finally address the reason I was experiencing the symptoms.

        Take back your power ladies! Do the tests and the work. It is worth every penny to finally know what is going on and how to treat it. After a few months in the program, I can honestly say I have more energy than I have had in a long time. I see signs that my body is healing.

        I am finally standing in my power and moving forward. Thank you Tara for sharing your light and knowledge with women. Thank you for helping me to take back my power and my health!

        – April Cordova

        Meet Michelle Robinson

        The newest addition to The Hormone Balance Solution practitioner team!

        When you join The Hormone Balance Solution you get not just one brain over your case, but two. Our newest addition to The HBS team is Michelle Robinson who works alongside Tara to generate the very best protocols possible to really drive results for The HBS ladies.

        Michelle is a Functional Medicine Practitioner certified in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and Breath work and a Mindset coach.

        Michelle was diagnosed with premature ovarian insufficiency (POI) in her mid-30s, which sent her into early menopause at 36. Michelle has over 12 years of experience supporting clients to get to the underlying causes of their symptoms and health issues, and supports women with physical, mental and emotional imbalances so they can combat hormonal burnout, reduce debilitating symptoms, rebuild resilience, and regain their energy.

        Michelle brings incredible knowledge to The HBS group and we're so lucky to have her as part of the team!


        because I know you’ve got questions about the HBS. So, I’ve got answers.

        I'm in Australia/the UK/Russia/Spain/China/etc! Can I also do the program?

        Yes! This program is 100% online so you can do it no matter where you are in the world. 

        Once you’re all signed up, you’ll receive the first week’s resources with all the pertinent guidelines you need to get started. 

        Plus, you’ll get immediate access to the private Facebook group where I’m waiting to support you and answer all of your most pressing questions!

        Do I have to purchase supplements in order to join the Hormone Balance Solution program — and have it be a success?

        Yes, there will be supplements recommended for you after you’ve completed all of your testing and once you have received your customized protocol from me. There's no way you will make shifts in your health by diet alone, so please be prepared to invest in supplements.

        I will be able to advise you about the additional cost once we get to this point. It really all depends on what health issues we have to work on together and what your test results show. Could be $100, could be a lot more, but this is an investment in your health that is a necessity.

        You will want to set aside a budget for the recommended supplements and nutraceutical support as they really are a crucial part of your healing.

        I will lay out exactly what I suggest including dose, brand, and where to purchase from. You do NOT have to purchase from where I am suggesting. You're free to purchase whatever you want, (all or none or just some) and from wherever you'd like.

        Do you read my blood work inside The Hormone Balance Solution?

        In a group program such as this I'm unable to read your blood work – that takes a LOT of time and is a service reserved for my private one-on-one clients.
        I will however, read your thyroid labs and I do provide you with a Functional Blood Work Guide, complete with a list of blood work I suggest you get and the functional, optional ranges you want to hit.

        I'm vegan/vegetarian - is this program right for me?

        I haven’t tailored this program specifically for vegetarians or vegans, and the meal plans do include animal products. 

        In my experience, many women do well when they incorporate some animal protein in their diet, especially when it comes to hormone balancing. (Our bodies can only work with the building blocks we give it – and this is especially true of our hormones!)

        Vegetarians & vegans – you are of course welcome to join. I fully respect your choices, however, please know I can’t further customize a vegan or vegetarian meal plan but you’re welcome to adapt the meal plans to your own preferences.

        I’m busy (like really busy), but I know I NEED THIS PROGRAM - so how am I going to find the time to fit this all in?

        Listen, I understand busy – I’m a working mum of two young girls, so if anyone gets your ‘busy’ — I do!! 

        That’s why all the meal plans and recipes I provide and meal planning/prep tips are as simple as can be – without compromising on flavour, of course. 

        I also try to make my meals really family-friendly. For example, most of the recipes are ones that I cook for my own family, and often use in my weekly meal rotations at home, so you won’t be slaving away in the kitchen cooking multiple meals for multiple mouths. 

        But, I won’t lie… planning ahead is a MUST if you want to keep yourself (and your family) fed healthfully, and that’s why I strongly suggest meal planning each week. 

        At the end of the day, my question to you is this: how can you afford to NOT find the time for your health?

        I'm breastfeeding. Should I join the program?

        The Hormone Balance Solution, whilst being an excellent choice for those wishing to conceive or who are dealing with fertility issues, is NOT RECOMMENDED for pregnant or breastfeeding mamas.

        What’s your refund policy?

        I don’t offer any refunds. Once you sign up you get instant access to the resources, so I’m not able to offer refunds for this program – but I know you won’t be wanting one anyway 😉

        More HBS Member WINs


        No more guessing games! Take the tests and find out what is REALLY going on with your health!