Get on the waitlist to be the first to find out about our May specials.

Get on the waitlist to be the first to find out about our May specials so you can get testing done and a customised plan in order to help you lose weight, balance your hormones, and feel great so you can go from snappy, uncomfortable, and fatigued to feeling calm, being able to play with the kids again, fit into your favourite pair of jeans once more and live your best life without having to give up wine, chocolate, or coffee forever!

A sneak peek of what you’ll get in the packages: 

  • Functional health test(s) of your choice (gut and nutrient testing available)
  • 2 private consultations with Tara or her team practitioner
  • Custom supplement protocol(s) based on your test(s) results and an intake form you’ll fill out
  • A video of your test results, explaining your results and how they relate to your case, which is yours to keep forever and refer back to
  • Access to professional-grade and practitioner-only supplements
  • Anti-inflammatory dietary guidelines and 2 x 7 day meal plans plus over 30 recipes for hormonal health
  • Hormone supportive lifestyle recommendations
  • 3 months inside the Peri-menopause Reset private Facebook group where you get your questions answered and support from both Tara and her team practitioner, Michelle
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