A 6 month hormone-health restoring program that's changing women's lives.

Tara is a Functional Health Practitioner who helps busy women lose weight, balance their hormones, and feel great so they can go from snappy, uncomfortable, and fatigued to feeling calm, being able to play with the kids again, fit into their favourite pair of jeans once more and live their best life without having to give up wine, chocolate, or coffee forever.


Come and be part of Tara's signature online health program, The Hormone Balance Solution

As a women in your 40s, avoid doing these 7 things for the sake of your hormones.

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Hi, I'm Tara Thorne.

Your Functional Health Practitioner and Women’s Health Expert.

I’m a mum of two little ones, a prior health writer for international publications, the host of The Hormone Balance Solution podcast, and the founder of the successful women’s hormone health restoring program: The Hormone Balance Solution, which has helped hundreds of women world-wide regain their health and happiness.

My journey to healthful living started in 2008 after I suffered severe anxiety attacks.

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Chewy Gluten-Free Choc Top Granola Bars (can be nut-free)

Chewy Gluten-Free Choc Top Granola Bars (can be nut-free)

Ingredients 1 1/2 C gluten-free rolled old fashioned oats 1/3 C pumpkin seeds 1/4 C hemp seeds 1/4 C chia seeds (leave out if you find these hard to digest) 1/4 C sesame seeds  1/2 C almond butter (or nut butter of choice) - use sunflower seed butter to make...

Healthy Green Popsicles

Healthy Green Popsicles

Ingredients  1 C coconut water (with no added sugar) 2 pears, peeled 1 green apple, peeled  A good handful of spinach  Juice from 2 limes  Instructions   Blend all ingredients together and pour into molds to freeze. I use these and this recipe...

I approached Tara after years of aches and pains (fibromyalgia), chronic headaches, gut issues, iron deficiency, PMT and low energy. I needed to take pain relief regularly to get through my day. Tara knew exactly what I needed to repair my fatigued body and now I’m pain-free. I haven’t had to take pain relief for so long now and I don’t wake up feeling like I need to be oiled! I’ve learned how powerful good, nutritious food can be for my mind and my body


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