Are you experiencing symptoms and wondering how to know if you've entered of perimenopause?

In the latest episode of The Hormone Balance Solution podcast, we take a look at the signs and symptoms of perimenopause. From hormonal fluctuations to lifestyle adjustments, this stage of midlife can be managed with the right knowledge and support.

Low Progesterone and Estrogen

Symptoms of low progesterone and low estrogen are telltale signs of perimenopause. Recognizing changes such as mood swings, irregular cycles, hot flashes, and more can indicate that you've entered this transition.

The Transition Period

Perimenopause can last for 12-15 years, and it's crucial to support your body through this transition. Multifactorial approaches including hormone replacement therapy, inflammation reduction, and blood sugar balance are essential for managing symptoms and setting the stage for long-term health.


Beyond Perimenopause

It's not just about managing perimenopause, but also setting yourself up for a healthy future. By addressing diet, lifestyle, functional testing, and custom supplementation alongside hormone therapy, you can support your body through perimenopause and beyond.

Explore the full podcast episode for a deeper understanding of perimenopause and discover how to navigate this stage with grace and empowerment.

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