​I had a client I worked with who suffered with hemorrhaging​ periods. Not long into working together, she was checked for fibroids and polyps, (a must if you have heavy periods). Sure enough, she has one of each.

Her doc told her it's more likely the polyp causing the heavy bleeding and that the fibroid is a non-issue and nothing to worry about. Ummmm…..

This is a typical western allopathic doctor statement that lacks root cause medicine knowledge and only addresses the test result. This may be helpful in the short-term but it's never helpful in the long-term.

Her fibroid, whilst it may not have been the current cause of her heavy periods, was absolutely something we needed to sit up and take notice of.

Why you should sit up and take notice of your fibroids.

Both her polyp and fibroid were symptoms of hormone imbalance and we needed to take note so we could figure out what the root cause of these hormone imbalances were so that we protected her health moving forward, ​​(and so that that current small fibroid didn't grow bigger and more fibroids don't grow, too!).

Balancing our hormones is an imperative step in protecting our health well into middle and old age.

Typically, uterine polyps and fibroids have to do with an imbalance between estrogen and progesterone, and/or poor phase 1, 2 or 3 metabolism of estrogen. And indeed, what we found with this lady was that she had way too much 4 OH E1 – a carcinogenic estrogen metabolite, (we see this on the DUTCH hormone test – you can't see these metabolites in blood).

This client was also heading into her peri-menopause years, which are years when these types of issues become more common. This is because progesterone starts to decline.

When progesterone declines, estrogen can be left to her own devices, which isn't always good because estrogen ​grows​ things.

Without estrogen's BFF progesterone – to buffer growth – that growth becomes out of control and leads to things like polyps, fibroids, a thick uterine lining, cysts, and other nasty things too, like cancer.

So no Doc, the fibroid shouldn't be ignored.

The good news is, we created a plan of attack for this lady. We did all the things to support healthy estrogen and progesterone in her body, as well as healthy metabolism of estrogen, (to lower those carcinogenic estrogen metabolites).

I also suggested she talk to a functionally-minded doc about starting on some bio-identical progesterone, to help control that estrogen that was running amuck in her body. And once that progesterone declines in peri-menopause she ain't never coming back. You can't seed cycle or eat your way into robust progesterone levels ​once progesterone has left the building.

We worked on this client's minerals, her inflammation levels, her diet, her blood sugar, her nervous system, her overall nutrient status, her liver health, and so much more – all things we must be addressing in order to get hormonal harmony.

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