This week I invited a very dear friend of mine, Alison Gallagher to join me for a discussion of what energy healing is and how it supports the work that we do for ourselves through physical healing.

Energy healing goes beyond just the spiritual realm

One of the things I found particularly intriguing was the idea that energy healing goes beyond just the spiritual realm. It encompasses various practices and even includes how we speak to ourselves. It's about being in integrity with ourselves and making choices based on our inner guidance rather than seeking validation from external sources.


Alison shared how energy healing is not about “fixing” someone, but empowering them to take control of their own lives. And that's something I truly believe in. Our bodies are incredibly intelligent and capable of healing themselves if we tap into our innate potential. It's just unfortunate that society often promotes low vibrational states instead of encouraging us to acknowledge and appreciate our own divine abilities.


Alison Gallagher is the founder of organic skincare and natural perfumery brand Alyssum Alchemy, a range of nurturing self care products designed to balance mind, body and spirit.
Alison has been working in the natural skincare and aromatherapy industry since 2003, formulating her own skincare and perfumes for over ten years and has won a number of local and international awards for her handcrafted products.
Alison is also an intuitive healer and energetics coach, drawing on over 10 years experience working with a wide range of energy medicine modalities.

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