In this week's podcast episode, I had a fascinating conversation with fitness and nutrition coach, Chris DeHollander. Chris, a midlife fitness expert with over 26 years of experience, shared her wisdom on maintaining balance during perimenopause and menopause.

Don't miss our chat about the impact of undereating on metabolism and weight loss.


Did you know that undereating can slow down the metabolism and affect the thyroid? 

We dove deep into the topic of undereating and its impact on metabolism and weight loss. It turns out that consuming too few calories can actually slow down your metabolism resulting in weight gain. Crazy, right? We discussed the importance of tracking macros and calories to identify any undereating patterns.

For those who think their metabolism may already be sluggish, Chris also touched on the concept of reverse dieting, which involves gradually increasing your calorie intake to rev up your metabolism. Chris spoke on how intermittent fasting is a beneficial stressor, but with a reminder that longer fasts may not be suitable for everyone, especially if you're already stressed. And she emphasized the need to fuel the body with enough NUTRIENTS during fasting periods.


Combat Midlife Weight Gain with Protein and Strength Training

Further sharing her expertise, Chris dove into how strength training and adequate protein intake as key strategies to combat the (what seems to be inevitable) midlife weight gain. Chris explained how declining hormones during perimenopause and menopause can cause fatigue, low energy, and increased stress reactivity (which includes how we fuel and move our body).

If you are in your 40s and don't already know of Chris DeHollander, I highly suggest you check her out on Instagram @functionalhealthcoachchris2.0.


Chris DeHollander:

Chris DeHollander is a Fitness and Nutrition Coach for women over 40. Chris is also a functional health coach and a seasoned group fitness instructor with over 26 years in the industry. She maintains a busy virtual practice offering nutrition and lifestyle group coaching for MIDLIFE women in the FASTer WAY to Fat Loss program. Chris shares a lot of great tips on Instagram @functionalhealthcoachchris2.0 Grab Chris' free Midlife Metabolism Guide below.

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Connect with Chris on Instagram @functionalhealthcoachchris2.0


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