Today's episode is a little different.

I wanted to take a moment and answer some of the questions I receive regularly in my inbox.

In this episode I answer:

Do I recommend seed cycling?

How is the GI MAP different from other stool tests?

I am still using a form of birth control, can I still work with you in the HBS?

What book recommendations do you have regarding minerals?

Do I need a health professional when interpreting the GI MAP or HTMA?

Does Saw Palmetto stop hair loss from BHRT with testosterone?

Will taking magnesium glycinate help me optimize my sleep?

Is it true that collagen doesn't contain all of the amino acids?

And a whole lot more!

Listen to the full episode to hear my answers to these popular questions.


Mentioned in this episode:

The Mineral Fix: How to Optimize Your Mineral Intake for Energy, Longevity, Immunity, Sleep and More by James DiNicolantonio (Author), Siim Land (Author)

Herbatonin – Save 15% when you use Tara's code: Tara15

Blue Light Blocking Glasses Recommendations:

  • Baxter Blue(Australian site) Save 15% when you use Tara's code: Tara15
  • Bon Charge Save 15% when you use Tara's code: TARA15

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