Are you struggling with weight gain and hormonal imbalances? What if I told you that toxins and chemicals are sabotaging your weight loss goals? Many women in their 40s are not aware of the impact they can have in terms of slowing down weight loss. In the latest episode of The Hormone Balance Solution I dive deep into the connection between persistent organic pollutants (POPs), hormones, and weight gain.


In this episode we'll:

1️⃣ Discover how persistent organic pollutants (POPs) can linger in the environment and wreak havoc on our health, including weight gain. We explore their impact on hormone receptors, the catchers mitts on our cells that regulate hormone function.

2️⃣ Explore the ways toxins disrupt sugar and fat metabolism, cause inflammation, and increase the number and quality of fat cells. Find out why even those who eat well and exercise struggle to shed those extra pounds.

3️⃣ Uncover the truth about PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) chemicals that can cause significant weight gain. Learn how PFAS chemicals mimic fatty acids, interfere with glucose signaling, and make it harder to lose weight.

4️⃣ Get practical tips and advice on reducing exposure to harmful chemicals such as PFAS. From checking the safety of your cosmetics using the Skin Deep database to filtering your water, we've got you covered.

5️⃣ Gain insight into the connection between chemicals, hormone balance, and thyroid health. Discover how toxins can impede overall health and slow down metabolism, throwing your thyroid out of balance.


Fun Fact:

Did you know that exposure to certain chemicals during pregnancy can contribute to increased adult fat mass later in life? It's just one eye-opening example of how chemicals can impact our long-term health.

If you're looking to understand the impact of chemicals on your hormones and weight, this podcast episode is a must-listen! Don't miss out on valuable insights and expert advice to help you attain hormone balance and reach your weight goals.

And if you're interested in diving deeper into the hormone balance solution, be sure to check out the free video about the program and the women I've helped so far – HERE!


Hi, I'm Tara Thorne, FDN-P, RHN, FNC and women's health and hormone expert. After serving hundreds of women in my signature program, The Hormone Balance Solution, I bring to you, the HBS Podcast.

This podcast is all about educating women, and giving them actionable strategies for supporting hormonal harmony. It's my passion to empower women to take back their health and their happiness. We'll cover gut health, mineral balancing, nutrient deficiencies, cellular health, nervous system health, functional testing, and so much more. No Fluff. No BS. Just everything you need to know and nothing you don't.


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