In this episode, I get real about why it's crucial to build muscle for metabolic health and longevity in midlife and beyond.

Exercise, particularly muscle-building exercises, can significantly impact our overall health as we age. Here's a glimpse of what you can expect from this (what I hope is) empowering episode:

Understanding the Importance of Muscle:

I'll explain how muscle plays a pivotal role in combating chronic disease states such as cardiovascular disease, dementia, osteoporosis, cancer, and type 2 diabetes. Building robust muscle is our superpower against these health issues.


Challenging Age-Related Misconceptions:

I'll examine the misconceptions around aging, emphasizing that losing strength as we age is not an inevitable consequence. With the right exercise and nutrition, we can defy the limitations often associated with getting older.


Anabolic Resistance and Muscle Health:

The episode sheds light on anabolic resistance, a common phenomenon as we age, and provides actionable solutions for combating it. I discuss the importance of protein intake, heavy weight lifting, and hormone replacement therapy to counter anabolic resistance and build muscle effectively.


Waist Circumference as a Predictor:

I'll also highlight the significance of measuring waist circumference as a predictor of metabolic dysfunction, providing valuable insights for assessing and improving our metabolic health.



Did you know that muscle mass significantly predicts lifespan? Research shows that individuals over 60 years of age with lower muscle strength were 50% more likely to die from all causes, including cancer.

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