In this episode of The Hormone Balance Solution podcast, Tara discusses the vital topics of discipline and consistency. The key to achieving your goals, whether they're related to mental or physical health, career, or relationships lies in these two elements.

Here's what she covers:

1. The importance of discipline and consistency in achieving mental and physical health goals

2. The role of mindset in making positive changes in your life

3. How to break free from old stories and limiting beliefs to empower yourself

4. The significance of having a support system and coaching to guide you on your journey

5. The impact of making small, consistent changes in your lifestyle for long-term success

Remember, the journey to hormone balance and overall well-being is a choice, and you are far more capable than you think. Let his episode uplift and empower you as you charge forward in living your best life.

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Hi, I'm Tara Thorne, FDN-P, RHN, FNC and women's health and hormone expert. After serving hundreds of women in my signature program, The Hormone Balance Solution, I bring to you, the HBS Podcast.

This podcast is all about educating women, and giving them actionable strategies for supporting hormonal harmony. It's my passion to empower women to take back their health and their happiness. We'll cover gut health, mineral balancing, nutrient deficiencies, cellular health, nervous system health, functional testing, and so much more. No Fluff. No BS. Just everything you need to know and nothing you don't.


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