I am thrilled to announce the launch of my new course, “HRT Made Simple,” which is now available for those seeking to empower themselves with knowledge about hormone replacement therapy. After years of research, client care, and extensive learning, I am delighted to share this comprehensive resource with you.

Here's what you can expect from this episode:

Introduction to HRT Made Simple Course

  • My journey and experience with hormone replacement therapy
  • The importance and need for the HRT Made Simple™ course
  • My purpose of the course and empowering women to advocate for themselves


Misconceptions and Fears Surrounding HRT

  • Breaking through the false data of the past and the resulting fear surrounding hormone replacement therapy
  • Explaining the reasons behind the misconceptions and fears


Understanding the Benefits of HRT

  • Exploring the invisible benefits of hormone replacement therapy
  • Differentiating between symptom mitigation benefits and disease-reducing benefits
  • Real-life transformative experiences with HRT


HRT Made Simple Course Content

  • Examining the need for simplicity in understanding hormone replacement therapy
  • Empowering women with essential, practical knowledge about HRT
  • Different forms and dosages of hormone replacement therapy


Comprehensive Learning Resources included in the Course

  • Recommended books for further education on hormone replacement therapy
  • Other educational resources and practitioners to follow for ongoing learning
  • Membership and course suggestions for further deepening knowledge


Speaking with your Doctor about HRT

  • Navigating conversations with doctors about hormone replacement therapy
  • Addressing the outdated knowledge and misconceptions among doctors
  • Providing tools for confidently discussing HRT with healthcare professionals


Accessing Proper Care and Treatment

  • Identifying knowledgeable HRT practitioners in North America, the UK, and Europe
  • Database of resources for finding healthcare providers who understand hormone replacement therapy
  • Effective ways to advocate for the need for HRT with healthcare professionals


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Hi, I'm Tara Thorne, FDN-P, RHN, FNC and women's health and hormone expert. After serving hundreds of women in my signature program, The Hormone Balance Solution, I bring to you, the HBS Podcast.

This podcast is all about educating women, and giving them actionable strategies for supporting hormonal harmony. It's my passion to empower women to take back their health and their happiness. We'll cover gut health, mineral balancing, nutrient deficiencies, cellular health, nervous system health, functional testing, and so much more. No Fluff. No BS. Just everything you need to know and nothing you don't.


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