In this episode Tara breaks down the common arguments for running a DUTCH test and provides her perspective on why it may not be the best investment for those experiencing perimenopausal symptoms. She discusses the limitations of the test in providing root cause answers and highlights the potential need for additional, often costly, tests to address the suggestions raised by the Dutch test results.

Tara also discusses the significance of combining the results of other tests such as the comprehensive blood work, stool test, and HTMA to provide a more holistic understanding of hormonal imbalance and related health concerns, particularly during perimenopause.


Here's a sneak peek at what you can expect in this episode:

1. Root Cause Analysis: Understand why the Dutch test may not give root cause answers and how it may lead to additional expenses.

2. Metabolites vs. Practical Solutions: Uncover the reality around estrogen metabolites and how lifestyle changes can support pathways highlighted by the Dutch test.

3. Organic Acids and Blood Work Comparison: Explore the comparison between organic acids tests and comprehensive blood work, learning when each may be more beneficial.

4. Deep Dive into Adrenal Health: Gain a new perspective on interpreting cortisol patterns and understanding the importance of nervous system support.

5. The Best Hormone Tests for Perimenopause: Discover practical advice on which hormone tests may be more beneficial during the perimenopausal phase.


Mentioned in this episode:

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