In this brief yet informative episode, Tara Thorne sheds light on the common phenomenon of estrogen kickback.

She explains that estrogen kickback occurs when starting on progesterone and symptoms that may arise due to excess estrogen stimulation. Tara recounts her own experience with cysts in her breasts when starting on progesterone, emphasizing the importance of not giving up on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) when experiencing these symptoms.

She encourages listeners to have a conversation with their healthcare provider and provides insights on managing estrogen kickback, including the potential need to increase progesterone dosage. The episode aims to offer guidance and support for individuals navigating HRT, highlighting the importance of working with practitioners who truly understand hormone replacement therapy.


In this episode, you'll discover:

1.The importance of balancing estrogen, progesterone, and thyroid hormones for overall well-being.

2. How estrogen kickback can manifest as symptoms and why it's actually part of the natural process when starting progesterone.

3. Tara's personal experience with estrogen kickback and how she overcame it.

4. Counterintuitive solutions to estrogen kickback, including continuing with or potentially increasing progesterone dosage.

5. The significance of working with a knowledgeable practitioner to find the right hormone dosage for your body.


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