In this episode, Tara unpacks a common question: Do you need hormone replacement therapy (HRT) if you don't have symptoms?

She addresses misconceptions about perimenopause and emphasizes the importance of HRT beyond just alleviating hot flashes; shedding light on the invisible benefits of HRT, advocating for proactive health measures, and debunking myths surrounding hormone therapy and regular menstrual cycles.

Here's what you can expect:

Symptoms Awareness:

Many women may not realize they are experiencing symptoms of hormone imbalance, which they have normalized as a part of everyday life. It's essential to be proactive and educate ourselves about the subtle signs that could indicate hormonal fluctuations.

Proper Monitoring:

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) should not be overlooked just because of regular cycles or absence of hot flashes. Proper monitoring, preferably through a 24-hour urine test, is crucial to ensuring the optimal hormone levels necessary to protect against chronic disease states.


Comprehensive Hormone Support:

HRT isn't a standalone solution. It needs to be complemented with personalized nutritional support and detoxification to ensure the hormones effectively communicate with the body at the tissue level. Understanding and addressing hormone receptors, nutrient levels, and detoxification processes are paramount for holistic hormone balance.


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