I'm a fan of iodine for women's health. Iodine is CRUCIAL for the proper functioning of the breasts, ovaries, thyroid and for healthy estrogen metabolism, (and if you're pregnant make sure you're getting adequate iodine: it supports baby's brain health).

If you're deficient in iodine your estrogen levels increase, (this is one of the reasons why iodine is effective at treating fibroids and cysts). But iodine is easily depleted in this day and age.

Here's how you may be deficient in iodine:

  • You don't eat seafood or sea vegetables
  • You don't filter your water from chlorine and fluoride
  • You use fluoride toothpaste
  • You eat a lot of baked goods or “enriched flour”
  • You don't use good quality salt, and liberal amounts
  • You're a vegan

Here are some key signs you may be deficient:

  • You have fibrocystic breast disease
  • You have ovarian cysts or fibroids
  • You have PMS
  • You have a thyroid condition

For ALL my clients with the above symptoms I supplement with iodine.

Why are we so deficient? Halides play a big role.

Halides look similar in chemical structure to iodine and include chlorine, (found in drinking and bathing water and swimming pools), fluoride, (found in drinking and bathing water and toothpaste) and bromine, (found in baked goods, plastics, and flame retardants).

Halides take the place of iodine on receptor sites in your thyroid kicking iodine out of the way and nudging on in themselves. But you can't use these chemicals to make thyroid hormone – you specifically need iodine, (and tyrosine) for that.

Without enough iodine your thyroid simply can’t produce its hormones and that's why I suggest iodine for all my clients presenting with Hashimoto's or hypothyroidism, (a small dose) along with selenium. Iodine can harm the thyroid in the presence of a selenium deficiency so I always suggest selenium, which is required for thyroid hormone synthesis and metabolism.

Want to prevent breast cysts, ovarian cysts, reduce PMS, treat/prevent thyroid disorders, keep your breasts and ovaries healthy? Make sure you're getting enough iodine in your diet from sources such as seafood, sea vegetables, grass-fed butter and eggs. 





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