Doctors sometimes hand IRON out like candy without fully understanding this called mineral and the potential repercussions of supplementing with it.

The dangers of excess iron include “ferroptosis”, which is iron-dependent cell death.

Ferroptosis was discovered in 2012, so it's a fairly recent concept and your doctor or practitioner may not be aware of it, (ask them!)

Ferroptosis occurs when there is a large amount of iron inside of a cell and that cell dies.

Infections are one reason for excess iron in cells, (leaky gut, UTIs, and oral infections are three main types that contribute), as well as inflammation.

Has your doctor or practitioner investigated infections and inflammation in relation to your iron markers?

Has your doctor or practitioner investigated your copper status in relation to your iron markers?

Does your doctor or practitioner solely rely on ferritin to determine whether you have an iron deficiency or not?

These are all imperative questions that must be evaluated before taking iron supplements,(and by the way, Vitamin D supplementation can also contribute to Ferroptosis)

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