In the latest episode of The Hormone Balance Solution podcast, I delved into the topic of food sensitivity testing.

I discussed the various types of food reactions, the limitations of food sensitivity testing, and the need for a more comprehensive approach to addressing gut health.

Food Sensitivity Testing

Learn about the differences between food intolerances, food allergies, and food sensitivities, and why relying solely on food sensitivity testing may not provide an accurate picture of your dietary needs.


Addressing Gut Health

Rather than focusing solely on eliminating foods based on test results, the episode highlighted the importance of addressing the root causes of gut issues such as leaky gut, dysbiosis, and inflammation through comprehensive testing and personalized interventions.


Looking Ahead

I provided insights into emerging testing methodologies, such as gut metabolite testing, and teased upcoming episodes that will explore innovative topics like Prolon, sauna therapy, and nitric oxide.


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