In this episode, Tara sheds light on the invisible benefits of HRT that go beyond alleviating menopausal symptoms and explores the life-saving potential of this therapy.

Tara emphasizes that HRT can play a crucial role in protecting against multiple disease states, including osteoporosis, dementia, muscle wastage, and certain types of cancer. The podcast explains that the use of HRT can have a significant impact on bone health, reduce the risk of dementia and sarcopenia, and support cardiovascular health, among other benefits.

The podcast episode also challenges the misconceptions about the duration of HRT usage. Tara advocates that HRT is not merely a short-term solution for symptom relief but rather a long-term strategy for overall health and wellness. She highlights the importance of considering HRT for life to reap its disease-preventing and protective benefits.

Additionally, Tara shares insights from her HRT Made Simple course and discusses the importance of being proactive about hormonal health to ensure a fulfilling and healthy future, beyond the perimenopausal stage.

Here's an overview of the episode: 

The invisible benefits of HRT:

Tara discusses how HRT goes beyond just alleviating symptoms, revealing its potential to improve bone health, reduce the risk of dementia, prevent muscle wastage, and support cardiovascular health.


Long-term considerations for HRT:

Discover why HRT should be considered as a long-term strategy for overall health and how it can contribute to a healthier and happier life.


The significance of hormone replacement at different stages of life:

Tara offers insights into the importance of starting HRT during the perimenopausal stage and lays down the foundations for reaping the invisible benefits later in life.


The impact on disease prevention:

Understand how HRT can reduce the risk of breast cancer, other cancers, and cardiovascular disease, providing a protective shield for your health in the long run.


Real-life experiences:

Tara shares her personal journey with HRT, offering a relatable perspective on incorporating hormone replacement into your life and demonstrates how it can be an empowering and positive experience.



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