On the latest episode of The Hormone Balance Solution podcast, I examine the findings of the largest study ever done on hormone replacement therapy involving over 10,000,000 women. The results are truly groundbreaking and incredibly important for women's health.

Here's an overview:

  • The significant benefits of estrogen HRT in reducing the risk of various cancers, strokes, heart diseases, and more.
  • The potentially harmful effects of synthetic progestins compared to bioidentical progesterone.
  • The nuanced discussion on the different forms and types of estrogen and progesterone.
  • A reality check on interpreting study outcomes and making informed decisions about HRT.


Mentioned in this episode:

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Study referred to in this episode: Use of menopausal hormone therapy beyond age 65 years and its effects on women's health outcomes by types, routes, and doses https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/38595196/

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