Improve Your Overall Health and Wellness with Medicinal Mushrooms

If you've been feeling intrigued by the world of medicinal mushrooms and their potential to transform your health, then our latest episode is a must-listen! In this week's episode, our hosts Tara sits down for an interview with Brandi Garden to dive deep into the fascinating world of functional mushrooms and their incredible benefits.

Brandi takes us on a journey through her inspiring health story, from her struggles with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis to founding her company, Eversio, to offer high-quality functional mushroom supplements and extract blends.

Here's what they discussed:  

1. Brandi Garden's Inspiring Health Journey:

Learn about Brandi's personal struggle with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, the challenges she faced with Western medicine, and how her search for better health solutions led her to the power of functional mushrooms.


2. Uncovering the Myths and Benefits:

Discover the truth about functional mushrooms and how they can contribute to brain health, relaxation, sleep, hormone balancing, and adaptogenic qualities.


3. The Story Behind Eversio:

Get the inside scoop on Brandi's company, Eversio, the Latin meaning behind the name, and their commitment to providing high-quality, potent, and concentrated mushroom products.


4. Avoiding Ineffective Supplements:

Hear about the frustrations surrounding the prevalence of low-dose or ineffective mushroom supplements in the market, and why correct dosages and organic certification are crucial for maximum benefits.


5. The Future of Functional Mushrooms:

Find out about the exciting developments in mushroom blends for specific health benefits and the company's focus on providing valuable resources, including research, blogs, and over 100 recipes.


Brandi Garden Biography:

Brandi Garden is the co-founder of Eversio Wellness, a family owned and operated Canadian mushroom wellness company with the mission to change lives through fungi.

The fungi kingdom found Brandi after three bouts with skin cancer, caused by the pharmaceutical she’d been prescribed for over a decade. She’s since started Eversio with her husband, and has become a passionate advocate for the daily use of medicinal mushrooms as preventative and natural medicine and an alternative to pharmaceuticals.


Mentioned in this episode:

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