Breast tenderness is a common but often dismissed issue among women. In our latest podcast episode, I share some effective and safe natural solutions to address breast tenderness and overall breast health.


Nutritional Support:

Iodine is essential for breast tissue architecture, and low levels are common in women's diets. Choosing a high-quality fish oil can reduce inflammation and support overall health. Our recommended fish oil, Zinzino, contains polyphenols to prevent omega 3 oils from going rancid and comes with a test to check omega 6 to omega 3 ratio for inflammation levels.


Gut Health and Inflammation:

Inflammation primarily stems from the gut. Gut health impacts estrogen metabolism and elimination pathways. Assessing gut health through stool testing and incorporating specific foods and teas can aid in reducing inflammation.


Bra-Wearing and Breast Health:

Minimizing bra wearing and incorporating lymphatic drainage massage can reduce tenderness and support breast health.


Hormone Balancing:

Progesterone and estrogen play pivotal roles in addressing breast tenderness. Proper signaling of estrogen receptors is essential for breast health, and fear of estrogen causing cancer is unfounded.


Mentioned in this episode:

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