In this episode, Dr. Simmons and Tara Thorne discuss the misconceptions surrounding breast cancer, hormone therapies, and the vital role of estrogen in our health. It's an eye-opening and empowering conversation that you won't want to miss.

Here's what you can expect:

Understanding the Significance of Hormone Receptors in Cancer Cells:

Dr. Simmons explains the complexities of treating cancer cells that no longer have hormone receptors, shedding light on the challenges in cancer treatment.


Debunking Misunderstandings about Estrogen and Progesterone:

Tara Thorne shares how many individuals misunderstand the significance of estrogen and progesterone in breast cancer and discusses common misconceptions about lowering estrogen levels.


Unveiling the Truth about Tamoxifen:

Discover the surprising truth about tamoxifen – a synthetic estrogen – and its effects on the body, as Dr. Simmons explains its association with unwanted side effects and its impact on decision-making for individuals with breast cancer.


Mammograms aren't preventative:

Dr. Simmons highlighted the limitations of mammographic screening programs and the potential harmful effects of mammograms, challenging the established beliefs around breast cancer growth and detection methods while advocating for a proactive and holistic approach to breast health.


The Protective Benefits of Estrogen:

The hosts emphasize the protective benefits of estrogen in breast cancer survival and discuss the lack of publicized information about hormone replacement therapy and its positive outcomes for women.


Proactive Health Measures:

Dr. Simmons highlights the importance of proactive health measures and a holistic approach to overall health, including breast health as part of general wellness.


Dr Jenn Simmons:

Dr. Jenn Simmons started her professional career as Philadelphia's first fellowship trained breast surgeon and spent 17 years as Philadelphia's top breast surgeon. Her own illness led her to discover functional medicine. So enamored with the concept of creating health rather than killing disease, she left traditional medicine in 2019 and founded Real Health MD to help women along their breast cancer journey truly heal.
Dr. Jenn is on a mission to change the impact of breast cancer by empowering millions of women to take control of their health and create the life they want. She hosts her weekly podcast, Keeping Abreast with Dr. Jenn, hosted the Breast Cancer Breakthroughs Summit, is the author of The Smart Woman's Guide to Breast Cancer, and Recipes for Real Health.
Dr. Jenn is currently opening PerfeQTion Imaging centers across the country featuring QT Imaging, an innovative technology that uses sound waves to create a 3D reconstruction of the breast without pain, compression, or radiation. This fast affordable FDA approved technology has 40x the resolution of MRI and will forever change the way that we screen for breast cancer. For more information email
INSTAGRAM: @drjennsimmons


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