Minerals are SO important but unfortunately we’re deficient in many and our balance is out of whack. Blame poor soil quality (less nutritious food), contaminated water, stress, incorrect supplementation and toxin exposure.

“But Tara, I’ve had my minerals tested by my doctor and she didn’t say I was deficient in any”. Unfortunately, blood tests don’t accurately reflect what’s going on with minerals, (yet doctors continue to test via blood).

Here are some reasons why testing minerals in blood isn't a good idea and why hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) is:

Blood is homeostatic: it must return to a safe range at all times. It doesn’t reflect stored, cellular minerals or heavy metals – hair does. You see, blood will push nutrients and heavy metals into organs and tissues in order to remain homeostatic. A good example of this is copper and heavy metals. Blood will remove excess copper and heavy metals quickly hence blood levels of these won’t show up as “high” necessarily because they’re in our tissues and organs, not in our blood.

During hair growth metabolic activity is high exposing hair to the internal metabolic environment. Once hair is outside the body it hardens and “locks in” information from inside the body, (“information” being minerals and toxic metals).

Blood doesn’t reflect what’s going on at the cellular level: where our biochemistry actually occurs! Biochemistry occurs in the cells NOT in the blood. Our blood is only a transport system.

Blood will pull nutrients from elsewhere when needed. An example of this would be if calcium levels drop in the blood it will pull calcium from the bone. So your doctor will tell you your blood levels of calcium are “normal” when in reality you’re losing calcium, demineralizing your bones, putting you at risk of osteoporosis.

Magnesium is mainly found in the bone, skeleton, muscles, and cells. Only 1% is found in blood. Same with potassium (K): 98% of potassium is in the cell not in blood. Potassium comes out of the cell and enters the bloodstream before being flushed out in urine. So, if your blood test for potassium shows “high” or “normal” this may be due to a cellular loss.

The EPA uses HTMA today as the test of choice for toxic heavy metals.

And this is why I love HTMA for mineral and heavy metal testing.





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