No doubt you’ve heard about probiotics and how beneficial they are for your gut, but here's the thing: most probiotics on the market don't EVER make it into your gut where we need them!

What they don’t tell you about probiotics

Most probiotics on the market get killed by your stomach acid, bile salts, and enzymes before they can even reach the gut where they are required. But, one type of probiotic does make it through….

The only type of probiotic that makes it into the gut is a spore-based probiotic. The one I recommend is MegaSporeBiotic, (you can purchase here and use my code TaraMegaSpore to get 10% off – you can only purchase these types of probiotics via a practitioner).

How spores make the difference

There are a couple of things that are SUPER cool about spores.

First up, spores have a protective calcified protein shell they surround themselves in when they’re in a dormant state, (which they can be in indefinitely). It's this shell that protects them from HCL, bile salts and enzymes that kill off the other fellas.

Spores also orchestrate our microbiome. They are the “leaders” in our gut. What they do is mind-blowing. They seek out pathogenic bacteria and produce antibiotics to kill these bacteria. They’ll also seek out beneficial bacteria and cuddle up to them to support their growth by producing compounds such as prebiotics. They do this via “quorum sensing” – a virtual scanning of their environment to find these microbes to kill or promote. Crazy eh?

To say spores are majorly influential is an understatement. Spores know better than we do what our microbial diversity is supposed to look like. We don’t have a built-in mechanism to fix a dysbiotic gut. We need spores to do this microbial “clean up” for us. Problem is, we’re so squeaky clean these days that we don’t get exposed to spores on the regular. That’s where MegaSpore comes into play.

Why I love and recommend MegaSpore

MegaSpore is a “keystone strain” of probiotic and a universal colonizer, (found in human digestive systems around the globe). They're found all over the globe with the oldest spore being 250 million years old – and still alive! Our exposure to them is supposed to come from the environment – our ancestors got exposure to these spores via air, soil, water, dust.

We can relate virtually every chronic disease to dysbiosis to one degree or another so getting the right probiotics in our gut, such as MegaSpore is vitally important.

If you're ready to fix your constipation, diarrhea, cramps, anxiety, depression, PMS, hormone imbalances – just about any symptom you have, (yes “any” – everything relates to gut health) please click here to apply to work with me.

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