Your doctor says your thyroid is normal yet you're cold all the time, can't lose weight, losing your hair / eyebrows, constipated, depressed, bloated…the list goes on.

First of all, question what tests were run, (see this post regarding thyroid testing).

Second, what's in the reference range your doctor is using.

Allopathic medicine is behind the times with the reference ranges for thyroid tests.

Functional Health practitioners use optimal ranges. These ranges are based on the most up-to-date science as well as clinical experience a reputable, functional medicine doctors.

The labs reference range is based on the average of people who go to that lab for blood work, most of which are unhealthy.

Do you really want to be compared to the unhealthy population?

Your symptoms are there for a reason, and often a sluggish thyroid is part of the picture. What to do if you do have a sluggish thyroid?

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