So you have a sluggish thyroid, (hypothyroid)… Now what?

First of all, thyroid Med it is okay. Let's get that straight. Sometimes it can be an absolute game-changer for women who have been struggling.

You also want to focus on minerals – big time.

The thyroid relies on optimal mineral status, (and yes, you are likely deficient in many minerals).

In particular potassium is often tanked in the women I work with, yet potassium ushers thyroid hormone into the cell.

On the other hand, calcium is often too high – and this is like a bouncer that prevents thyroid hormone from getting into the cell.

Even if you're on thyroid meds you may not be getting thyroid hormone into your cells – where it's needed to do its job!

You've got to fix your calcium:potassium ratio.

But you can't balance minerals if your gut isn't absorbing things and is unhealthy. Eliminating infections like h.pylori is critical for optimal thyroid function.

I have a ton more info here in my Thyroid Health Guide and Healthy Gut Guide.

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