This is Part 1 of my interview all about EMFs with Joanne Lia from No Tox Rox. I last spoke with Jo back on Episode #11 – all about mold, so make sure you go back and check that out if you haven’t yet. This time, Jo and I spoke about EMFs.

We covered the following in this jam-packed two-part interview:

  • Why should we be concerned about EMFs in the first place?
  • Is living close to electrical towers / mobile phone towers a problem?
  • Are EMFs worse if you live in an apartment building?
  • What does the research and science say about EMF exposure and our health and safety?
  • Earbuds and bluetooth headphones – should we be concerned?
    Infertility and EMFs – is there a connection?
  • How can we mitigate the dangers of EMFs and protect ourselves, (including a candid conversation about EMF pendants and other “shielding” devices)?

Jo is a certified building biologist and certified electromagnetic radiation (EMR) consultant. She specialises in creating healthy indoor environments. As well as conducting healthy home/office audits, Jo also conducts pre-lease/pre-purchase audits for homebuyers.

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