This episode takes us through the crucial aspects of thyroid health, especially in midlife and perimenopausal years.

We discuss the symptoms of a sluggish thyroid, the importance of comprehensive thyroid blood work, and the impactful role of cellular hypothyroidism. And also the importance of factors such as toxic load, heavy metals, and gut health in optimizing thyroid function.

Here's the rundown of what I share:


1. The symptoms of a sluggish thyroid and how they often present in midlife and perimenopausal years.


2. The importance of looking beyond the traditional TSH test and considering a comprehensive thyroid panel for accurate diagnosis.


3. The impact of cellular hypothyroidism, where thyroid hormone levels may appear normal in blood work but fail to reach the cells, leading to persistent symptoms.


4. The critical role of addressing factors like toxic load, heavy metals, and gut health in supporting thyroid function and reducing the cell danger response.


5. The significance of minerals like iodine and the necessity of conducting an HTMA test to assess thyroid health comprehensively.


Fun Fact from the Episode:

Did you know that the TSH reference range was developed using only 200 volunteers in 1973? Tara shares the debate surrounding the accuracy of this range and why functional optimal ranges may be more relevant for assessing thyroid health.


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