In this episode, we're joined by my own personal health coach and trainer Meaghan Janisse, who shares her incredible journey from fitness skeptic to a powerhouse in the world of weightlifting and macro-based dieting.

Together we discuss: 

Reverse Dieting and Muscle Gain:

Meaghan Janisse's personal journey from at-home workouts to weightlifting at the gym highlights the importance of working with a coach for personalized feedback and accelerated results. The concept of reverse dieting is explained as gradually increasing food intake to support metabolic health and prevent muscle loss, challenging traditional dieting.

The Role of Muscle in Fat Loss:

Building muscle is crucial for sustained fat loss and a toned physique, especially for midlife premenopausal women due to anabolic resistance. Working out is not just about burning calories but also about building muscle, which leads to burning more calories at rest. Consistency, patience, and proper nutrition are key for sustainable transformation and long-term health.


Nutrition’s Role in Muscle Gain and Fat Loss:

Meaghan highlights the significance of carbs for muscle building and using proper nutrition to stimulate muscle growth. Meaghan advises against training fasted, emphasizing the need for fuel before workouts. A slow and steady approach to the reverse/cut process is crucial for lasting fat loss and muscle gain, challenging the misconceptions about dieting and exercise.


Finding Long-Term Success:

The importance of consistency, patience, and a gradual approach to achieving lasting transformation is underlined.


Meaghan Janisse

Meaghan Janisse is an online women’s fitness coach dedicated to helping women break free from the lies of diet culture by educating them about muscle gain from eating MORE and working out SMARTER, not harder. She has helped hundreds of women around the world of all different ages achieve jaw-dropping, and most importantly, SUSTAINABLE results by implementing proper weightlifting and reverse dieting.

Learn more about Meaghan’s incredible method of eating more and working out less on her Instagram and YouTube here:




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