In this episode I spoke with my right hand gal in The HBS; Michelle Robinson, and wow! What an amazing conversation we had. We spoke about the importance of nervous system work and – before you turn away!

This episode is a must-listen for you if: 

  • you feel like you’re constantly anxious 
  • you don't sleep well
  • you speak really fast all the time, perhaps you interrupt people
  • you never feel like you have enough time in your day – you’re always “busy” 
  • you continuously struggle with your health no matter what you do or how many tests you run / practitioners you work with 
  • you can’t relax or find it hard to slow down or do “nothing”
  • you feel like you’re constantly in “fight or flight” 
  • you’re often sad 
  • you have trouble with relationships 
  • you’re a perfectionist or over-analyse things 

Michelle was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and premature ovarian failure in her mid 30s. This kicked her out of her global corporate career and made her reassess her life. It was a functional medicine approach that gave her the answers she was seeking and got her back on her feet again. Over the past 10 years, Michelle has undertaken extensive training in the principals of functional medicine, advanced functional testing, and the complex web of infections. She has a deep passion for healing and is fully trained in advanced healing techniques that help to release emotional trauma, uncover old limiting beliefs as well as self sabotaging behaviour. She found that calming her dysregulated nervous system was a big piece of her health puzzle and she now guides her clients in these healing modalities as well. 

We spoke about WHY nervous system or “emotional” work is so important in a healing journey, and Michelle explained some of the modalities she teaches which she’s seen produce huge shifts in her clients. 

We spoke about how it’s a flexible mind that equals resilience and why being resilient is important in life, especially as we go through hormonal changes such as we do in our peri-menopausal years. And we spoke about how nervous system work supports this resiliency. We also spoke about the 9 saboteurs that impact us all and why becoming aware of these saboteurs is instrumental in improving mental health and the functioning of the nervous system. 

Please do not ignore this episode. Healing your nervous system is one of the most important parts of healing your body, so you cannot overlook it. Grab a tea, dive in, and enjoy! 

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